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3 years ago  ::  Mar 17, 2015 - 8:07PM #1
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NOTICE: I apologize for this thread.  I just needed a reference point for this religion.  Thank you.

The religion of Wicca was founded by accident by a 12-year-old village girl named Zelda Glastonbury who wrote a series of dreams in her dream journal regarding Egyptian heathenry in A.D. 996 Breton (England).  Wicca is a Gaelic term for "wizardry."  The journal was named the Pendragon.  Its symbol is the pentagram, into which the arms and leg represents the Five Principles with the circle representing unity.  Its only creed is the Geyskull and the Nine Noble Virtues are ethics.  Mythology is shared by personal encounters.  Its musical genre is "New Age" after the Gaelic for "eternity."  Wicca shares the Bible with Judaism and Christianity.

The New Age is the only religion founded in medieval Europe.  Like the Celtic Christians, Wiccans believe in the sacred within all things and rebirth with that being reborn in continuous fashion until we are pure enough to be in Pendragon, which is both theological and mythological. The discipleship is "Wiccan."  The nemesis of Gaia -- the spirit of God -- is the mad sorceress Maitreya, into whom is depicted as a girl with raven hair.  She is far worse than Satan.

 In order to be a Wiccan one must testify the Powers of the Ancients, that being the spirits of the pantheon.  To do so, one must say the following: "Powers of the Ancients, I beseech unto you; all that I ask is none but a few.  Bring me to Gaia and let me be cleansed by Her own fires and spirit bereaved."  Wiccans worship only one being -- Gaia, the Spirit of God.  The "God and Goddess" are really Adam and Eve, mostly a joke.

It was once said that a man from Normandy asked a Celtic Christian, "If you believe in your gods, then why are you a Christian?". The Celt replied, "We do not worship our gods, for they protected us from the Dark Lords .When we heard about the God of Abraham, we traced his ancestry to Noah, into whom was the father of the Celts and the Hebrews.  It was there that we had a God we can worship and we became Christians."

When the New Age came into being, the spirits were perceived as defenders of the faith although they were not worshipped.  Gaia, the Spirit of God, was worshipped for over a thousand years and still worshipped today.  The trees and gods were worshipped by the Wicca, into whom built of Stonehenge -- into which was mutually exclusive from the Neopagan variety.  The Wicca would have the body of a loved one creamated on Samhain and hold feasts.  Each Wiccan must abide the Rede of Wicca and not let anyone else know the Craft.  This is not witchcraft, but rather a system of rituals and spells by this priestly caste.  The Druids were priests of the Celts who worshipped trees and multiple gods and held human sacrifices on Samhain, where they held feasts after that.  The Wicca came before them only to die out during the days of the ancient Celts as the prehistoric Celts had such persons.

The Zelda who founded the New Age faith is not the Nintendo video game character one would think of.  Ironically, the real Zelda was set to marry Eric Link until the pope announced the pantheon of the New Age as a religion.  He even had Zelda and Eric married.  Unfortunately, they had no children.  Eric died at age 78.  Zelda ascended at age 103 and sits on the throne of Pendragon.  She was succeeded by her disciples.

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