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Switch to Forum Live View Finding Pantheism to sometimes be lacking something
3 years ago  ::  Feb 08, 2015 - 10:41AM #1
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So after researching various religions for quite a while I found that Panteism very closely matched my beliefs. I have found with Pantheism although it matches my beliefs, for me it seems to lack something. I think this is because it isn't an actual religion as such, more a way of thinking and set of beliefs. I know I'm generalising here.

My wife is Wiccan, and that originally appealed but I find there is reference to magic and deities that clash with my own beliefs. I know there are different versions of religions - there are more naturalist versions of Pagan, Wicca etc and conversely more spiritual Pantheism. She has prayers and rituals for certain situations for example, and to be honest I would like to have something similar. There are some that people have posted on some Pantheist communities but I still found them not quite fitting to what I'm after.
I know I don't have to conform to specifics and could come up with my own versions of her things.

I'm wondering if other pantheists find this, or even maybe add aspects of other belief systems. Or maybe there's something halfway between say Panteism and Paganism. I originally found Buddhism appealing because of the meditation parts, mindfulness etc but other aspects of it don't fit my beliefs. I looked into pretty much every version but ultimately all of them have at least one part that I don't agree with or beleive. It's the same with Taoism,  Paganism etc.

Would be interested to hear anyone elses thoughts on this. Reading the above back I'm not sure I've explained myself very well, maybe I'll try and find a different way to explain it later. 
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