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Switch to Forum Live View Just Got Back From GA 2014 in Providence!!
4 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2014 - 10:49PM #1
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A totally awesome experience!

This was a=my second GA, and, in spite of having had car troubvle while in Providence, I had a wonderful time, and had a very spiritual and moving experience - spending five days "making heavy church."

Anyone reading this who was also at GA will now know who I am, by the way, since I made the Plenary Hal laugh when I apologized for my hoarse voice, saying that that was what four days of making heavy church would do for you.

Anyway, I could write forever about all the good things at GA this year (one of the few bad things was that the new mobile app for GA would not work on my older Android phone, but oh, well)

For my second GA in a row, though...I had car trouble, and for the second GA in a row I had an "Emperor Wears No Clothes" moment.  This time, it was in the mini-Assembly where the Inclusivity Clause was being discussed...and, I believed...that the new Rule G.2.3 NonDiscrimination would also be addressed.

It was in the Agenda published by the UUA, and appeared right on page 97 of the book.  It HAD been my intention to introduce minor Amendment to the proposed language listed in the Program Book, changing "gernder identity or expression" for "gender identiy, gender expression" turning it, correctly, into two different categories, since gender expression and gender identity are NOT the same thing.

Anyway, the very reason I went to Providence was this particular item which was on the Agenda.  How could I not, since I was the Delegate who advanced this exact issue at GA 2013 in Louisville, which was my first GA??

Anyway, as the mini-Assembly progressed it because clear to me that there was to be no discusson of Rule G.2.3 in this mini-Assembly...contrary to what had been published.  So I raised the point of order, and was told that there was no intention to discuss or vote on G.2.3 at this GA.  And I was devastated.

I argued that it was printed in the Agenda, and the Parliamentarian agreed with me, and the item DID end up beng put on the Agenda, as per what was printed and disseminated by the UUA prior to GA.  But it was another "Emperor Wears No Clothes" moment.

I am very hapy to say that the new Rule G.2.3 with Amendments made it onto the Agenda, was discussed in General Session VII, and it passed.  I think it was unanimous!  Certainly nobody ever came up to the Con microphone, so my statement at the Pro microphone was the only statement given before the vote, except for a few things from the Procedural microphone.

ANYWAY...a totally awesome GA..and the WaterFire event was incredible!!  Providence has a national treasure there that has been ket a secret!!
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