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4 years ago  ::  Apr 05, 2014 - 2:29PM #1
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Kirpal Singh: So Long As We Do Not Learn To Rise Above Body-consciousness, We Cannot Even Get the Slightest Idea of the Reality Within.

"So long as one remains in constant search for spiritual enlightenment, one cannot take rebirth in a lower form. But so long as we do not learn to rise above body-consciousness, we cannot even get the slightest idea of the reality within. We must uncover the Self from the sheaths of physical, astral and causal coverings, all of which are illusory. We must attain self-awareness, then alone can we hope to reach cosmic awareness. And yet beyond that there is supercosmic awareness. The Saints have always referred to the state of supercosmic-consciousness... It is our attention that gives life to the mind and intellect, and if instead of flowing outward through the senses it could be collected at one Center, the Center of the soul, we would get some idea of its potentiality. We would go up into the Beyond like a shot!" (The Dawn of the Third Millennium, Volume One)

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