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4 years ago  ::  Feb 10, 2014 - 5:10AM #1
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Generally, I prefer not to use the term 'Khemetic' when explaining my involvement in these indigenaous African teachings, nor am I crazy about an 'ancient Egyptian' forum being listed under a 'reconstructionist' tab in 'Faiths & Beliefs', but in this case, I take what I get, because  at least it IS listed on this prolific faith-based site

In relation to 'Black history Month' 2014, Black scholars have been presenting evidence on an indigenous Black African origin of 'ancient Egypt' for almost a century, but were labeled 'Afro-centric', 'revisionists', etc.......Throughout the last 60 years, some non-Black scholars have also presented their evidence on this subject, but still mainstream archaeologists ignored the facts.

Since the early '90's & now almost weekly, the finds pertaining to this subject keep coming to the surface & irrefutable proof of this topic is brilliantly presented here by Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy:
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