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4 years ago  ::  Nov 26, 2013 - 6:46PM #1
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The  Name of God


Blessed is your precious Name


Your name is Allah, Almighty is the way, Aum is a gift,

Your name is Brahman, Beautiful is the way,

Your name is Chi, Charity is the way,  

Your name is Delightful, Delighting is the way, Your Devine Presence is a blessing,

Your name is Everlasting, Enlightening is the way, Epiphany is a gift,

Your name is Faithful, Forgiving is the way, Forgetting is a blessing,

Your name is Goodness, Giving is the way, Grace is the blessing,

Your name is Holy, Hope is the way, Heaven is the blessing,

Your name is Infinite, Insight is the way, Illumination is a gift,

Your name is Jehovah, Your name is Jeshua, Joyful is the way

Your name is Knowledge, Kindness is the way, Kundalini is a blessing,

Your name is Love, Loving Kindness is the way, The Light is the gift,

Your name is Mercy, Merciful is the way, Mother Nature is a blessing,

Your name is Never-ending, Namaste is the path, Nirvana is the blessing,

Your name is Om is a prayer to enter the Presence,

Your name is Perfect, the Presence is the way, Your Peace is the blessing,

Your name is Quintessential, Quiet is the way, the Quickening is a blessing,

Your name is Redeemer, Revelation is the way, Reiki is a blessing,

Your name is Shakti, Silence is the way, Samadhi is a blessing,

Your name is Truthfulness, Trustworthy is the way, Tranquility is the blessing,

Your name is Universal Consciousness, unconditional Love is the way, understanding is the gift,

Your name is Virtue, Witness the Virtue to others, the Holy Virtue is the blessing,

Your name is Wonderful, Wisdom is the gift, the Word is the blessing,

Your name is Yin, Your name is Yang, Your name is Yahweh,

Your name is Zen, the infinite Creation of the Soul in the Presence, Zen is a gift.

Your name is The Holy Ghost,

Your name is The Holy Spirit,

Your name is The Comforter,

Your name is God the Mother,

Unleashing Creation throughout the multi-verse,

Everlasting Creation in the presence of Now.


Your name is Shekinah Eloheem



I Love You

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4 years ago  ::  Dec 23, 2013 - 6:54PM #2
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This is actually a prayer or meditation in praise od God.

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4 years ago  ::  Feb 23, 2014 - 5:23PM #3
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I have a few names of my own which I'd love to share with you.

The Storyteller - the demiurge that exists in a vast tapestry of creative symbols, each representing a story. To me, a story is the events that unfold to ensure a wisdom gained by those involved. A story can be about several lives, or just one. It can be a day's happening, and an entire life from start to finish. Ever had one of those moments when you realize just what your whole life has actually been about? I feel that there are great symbols behind these phenomena.

A bit about symbols - Gnosticism talks about the Theory of Forms, a realm of perfect reality from which ours is a mere shadow. I believe that beyond that realm, is one of Truth symbols.

The Carpenter / The Architect - The demiurge who maintains the workings of a mathematically elegant universe. This realm is alive with math, and it lives within us as our native, universal language. His is the Tapestry of Mechanics.

U - A symbol for a nurturing universe, described by many pagan beliefs. It seeks to help a person learn wisdom by demonstrating itself only obviously enough to get the message home (twice or thrice if need be), and subtly enough to help the heart understand how gentle and loving its life lessons are. There is a math to this Tapestry of Emotion, which I've written into a little expression I enjoy. It shows that 'i', the individual, will be shown as inferior to (or is less than) 3 'u' - the universe thrice demonstrated.


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4 years ago  ::  Apr 06, 2014 - 6:39PM #4
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The most meaningful, profound and Gnostic names for God that I have seen have been the names that that God is reported to have spoken to Moses in Exodus 3.14 responding  to Moses’ question as to what name he should call God.  In the early translations of this response between 200 BC and 400 CE; before the Christian translations changed it to “I am that I am” the following names were given:

The Septuagint Bible, which is the first translation of the old testament from Hebrew into Greek, which was done by a group of Hebrew priest; circa 200 BC translates the name as “I am who is”.

The Theodotion and Aquila Bibles; circa 200 AD translate it as “I shall be [who] shall be”.

The Vulgate Bible which was commissioned by a Pope in 382 AD; about the time that Saint Augustine was on the verge of converting from Gnosticism to Christianity translates it as “I am who am”.

The Targum of Jonathan; circa 0 BC/AD explains God’s follow up statement as to who Moses should say has sent him as “I am who am, and who shall be, hath sent me to you.”


“I am who is”, “I am who am” as well as “I am who am, and who shall be” all seem to say to me that God is saying that God is all conscious beings; past present and future.  This is consistent with the statement in Psalm 82.6 “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” and Jesus quoting this statement in part in Luke 6.35 and John 10.34.  This also is consistent with Plato’s probable description of God in his Timeaus and the Gnostic pantheistic philosophy.

Creation is a work in progress.

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4 years ago  ::  Jul 20, 2014 - 3:03PM #5
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so many great comments...I ended up replacing the whole prayer (?)

Thank you.

May Shekinah bless you...
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3 years ago  ::  Feb 23, 2015 - 10:44AM #6
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Thanks for all of your comments...
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