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November 21, 2013




They came in tall ships to the people and told them that we were naked savages that must be broken like animals and that the people were born sinners and adulterers and the people must not continue without the guidance and love of these Christians that came from a land faraway.


Now the people knew that their simple existence on the land was good and fruitful and the people knew the Great Spirit provided them with all they would ever need and more and the people also knew if they cared for the land and its animals and bugs and trees and all the things that the land had that the Spirits of these things would honor the people in return. The people were given the responsibility to be stewards of the land and shared by all the living things including the streams and rivers and lakes, and rocks that the Great Spirit provided.


The people were stewards of the land for thousands of years teaching the young to honor the Spirits of all that lived, the Elders taught the young to take from the land only when they had asked permission from the tree people, and the animal spirits, and the water spirits and the plant people, and the rock people to gather what they needed and only what they needed to live. The Elders taught that if the land is abused and over harvested that the land would become foul and the Spirits of the land, water, rocks, and vegetation and animals would be disrupted causing famine and disease and death and destruction.


And so when the Christians told the people that they were sinners the Elders smiled and nodded their heads because they respected all living things and the people would gratefully lay their bodies on the ground to be killed by the Christians because the Elders knew that the Spirit cannot be harmed and lives on forever. The Elders also knew that the land was not theirs to own and knew that the land would live forever as long as it was honored.


These Christians promised the people many shiny things and said that these beads and little pieces of metal were more valuable than the land that the people stood on. The people knew from what the Great Spirit told them that no man or woman owns the land the people knew that they were only stewards of the land so if these Christians wanted to give away their goods for the land which is vast and unending then the people should allow these men and women to believe they own it.


Then more Christians came in many tall ships and these Christians wanted the land of the other Christians and began to fight over the land killing each other so that they could possess this vast and unending lands that the people were stewards of. The Elders continued to teach the young that the land and all it has to provide is sacred even though the Christians taught that all that lived was to be used and owned by men, at least that is what the Christian book taught.



For many years I have heard the people exclaim, “The Christians took our land.”  The Great Spirit has abandoned us and we have died lost and broken and without all that which we had!” The people then received Jesus Christ discarding the old ways and their possessions. The people were moved off the land that provided all they needed to land that the people could say that they owned, and over used the land and its living things until the land was foul. Treaties were signed and broken over and over as the Christians became millions and the land and what the Christians called resources were being used up and polluted.


The Christians said, “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.” Forgive those that harmed you embracing them and loving them even if they fault you still.” The people heard the words praising Him and believed the Christian God as being the truth and the way.


The people lamented in their slavery and were told by good Christians to continue to work hard even if their masters abused them and threatened death and that life is hard and unfair and the afterlife is forever good. The people were taught if they raised their fists at their neighbors that they would sin and spend eternity in Hellfire.


And so the Great Spirit was forgotten and the old ways were changed to fit the times and the people began to drink alcohol and over use tobacco and suffer and die. The people became separated from one another and were told by the Christians that the people were now the enemy and drunken letches that used up precious resources that the Christians sought and they swore to the people that they should die off and stop being a burden.


Now the people sit in shit and suffer and cry to the Christian God that they are the victims of a great holocaust and millions had died from disease and famine. The land is overused and polluted and the people are living in fear and pain. The people are living in Hellfire while the Christians bathe in clean waters.


Some of the people keep the faith of the Great Spirit even today, they practice the old ways and continue to praise the Spirits in all things. These people are remnants of the great numbers of the past. The people wait for the Christians to use up the resources and pollute the land and its rivers and lakes and streams. The people wait for the vegetation and the animals are being lost to greed. The people wait and know that if they are patient the used and abused land will be returned to the people so that they may continue to be stewards of the land again.


For it is told by the Great Spirit that the people are the Elders and enlightened ones and the Christians are the meek and children that are really the savages. For the people know that children grow and learn from their Elders and the people are one and perfect with the universe.


Have patients all things living will return to the people.

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