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5 years ago  ::  Oct 19, 2013 - 3:08PM #1
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All the best in Karttik!

Your servant, bh. Jan

yadA tadA yathA tathA tathaiva kRSNasatkathA
mayA sadaiva gIyatAM tathA kRpA vidhIyatAM
pramANikASTakadvayaM japatyadhItya yaH pumAn
bhavet sa nandanandane bhave bhave subhaktimAn |9|

O Lord Krishna! Please bless me so that I may sing your glories and pastimes, regardless of the position I am in. Anyone who studies or recites these two authoritative ashtakas will be blessed with devotion to Krishna in every rebirth. (Adi Sankaracarya, Krsnastaka)

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