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5 years ago  ::  Sep 18, 2013 - 7:59AM #1
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The creative process states that you should visualize what you want and than feel truly grateful for it as if you have already receive it. What if I cant feel true gratefulness, because I am too sad, because I lost it? any tips.......

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5 years ago  ::  Oct 21, 2013 - 7:51PM #2
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Hi, I stopped in here to see what's going on and noticed your post has been unattended for an entire month. Here is how I see it - (Keep in mind that I am an atheist who used to belong to a Unity Church so I  now reject certain concepts such as the Law of Attraction.) Visualization without action or knowledge is wishful thinking.( I used to feel that being grateful before I actually did something was inauthentic.)What better way can we show commitment by confidently taking action towards what we want. Art gallery shows do not get painted by themselves. We grow confident as individuals when we step outside of our thoughts and do something in this world for others to see. Creativity is a process in which we take a step, edit what we do, take another step edit what we do. In writing it is called rough drafts. In art, it may be sketches, tweaks, thumbnail ideas or comps. The idea that we come up with and idea and poof! there it is done is a false understanding of the creative process. Creativity is process oriented not product oriented. It is an ongoing dance of give and take, creation and destruction, rest and action, introversion and extroversion... An olympic athlete may score a perfect 10, but usually we do not see the countless falls, injuries, effort, awkward learning process over decades of commitment and practice. They make the final show look great, but "perfection" has come after lots of mistakes and attempts at mastery. Do not fool yourself into thinking that magical thoughts enter our brains and viola, you get your wishes desire.

My guess is that you realize that effort is needed, but have a deep set fear at taking a risk. You may fear making mistakes for one reason or another. At times this fear can be heartbreaking and cause us to become paralyzed and depressed.  Some spritual paths will tell you this is the ego - blah blah blah. Here's the thing. You just need to start really small in a way that is playful. Making lists and ultimatums sets you up for feeling bad and feeling like you "should" do this and "should" do that. What is it that you want? Break it down into small steps. For instance, I have a large painting project that I need to do over the next year. I can start by buying a few material. I could then make a few sketches on cheap paper. I can make a few color sketches that take 15 minutes each. I can make a small thumbnail version of the idea before starting large. I could then block off one hour five days a week for the next two weeks. Then add more time. In a few weeks, I could look over my ideas and see if I like where I'm going or decide to make some changes.

What are your thoughts?

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3 years ago  ::  Jun 13, 2015 - 10:20AM #3
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There is a problem with this thought process.  That is, it does not explain why it is that we are motivated to take action at all. Why do we appear in the universe at all with all the faculties and functions we call life?  Why are we motivated to maintain our lives, keep it going as long as we can?  What are we seeking?  If we were lower species of animals without the advanced cognitive abilitis of self reflection, self questioning, abtract thought and a desire to create value, seek to develop practices, routine behaviors and functions, rituals that bring about satisfaction, peace and tranquility, joy and happiness  

Living beings must depend upon their environment for existence, and in the course of living must consume other organisms to remain alive.  Yet even after our advanced species has routinized and stabilized the sources of food we still find that conflicts arise among us so called intelligent beings.  In the end this is simply because life is hard, life is work, the world is finite and temporal.  All things that we depend upon take time to produce and we must learn to respect the rythms of life that produce all things such as food and shelter and companionship.  To bring about a joyful life requires wisdom and requires hard work.   

Simply wishing for and pursuing our own individual desires will have us going in circles like a mouse runnng in a circular wheel. We become board to death.  It is important to come to distingusih the forest for the trees and expand our insight into the true nature of ourselves and seek out the ultimate source of joy and happiness that motivates our nature to keep on striving. All living beings seek true satisfaction and the ultimate source of happiness. The joy of good food, good love making, good friends and even good thoughts are ends in themselves but they are temporary and even if we could enjoy them consistently throughout life there is always the transience of life itself that comes knocking and we feel compelled to search even deeper for the source that can keep things going forever.  No living being wants to die.  Why is that? 

Reality ultimately presents to aspects, existence and non-existence.  Of the two all living things choose existence over non-existence. This is because non-existence is simply that, nonexistence.  Existence is simply more interesting. 

When people think of non-existence or death they project their consciousness upon that aspect of things and ponder the state of death while presupposing some form of consciousness while in the state of death. Living beings presume that when they are dead that they will still have thoughts and will reappear in some ghost like state either in a realm of even greater happiness or in a realm of even greater suffering.  If is very difficult to understand the true nature of our lives in its totality. 

Atheists dont even have a clue. They simply are attached and pre-dependent upon the preconditionsis that have given rise to their lives alone. are preinclined manifesting a nihilistic belief system and state of existence.     

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3 years ago  ::  Jun 13, 2015 - 10:55AM #4
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It is very difficult to feel truly grateful when you have directed that gratitude towards your own selfish interests. This is because you have been operating from a very delusional state of self centeredness. It is important to see your life as being sustained by a vast life system and you should have gratitude towards that system and seek to contribute to the well being of the system that has brought you your own life for which you are enjoying the sensual pleasures of the body and the spiritual pleasures of higher abstract comprehensive thoughts, insights and wisdom. 

Living beings appear in existence in a state of dualism, in a state of this and that, self and other, mind and body. life and environment, light and dark, night and day, real and ideal. latency and manifestation. For having enjoyed life itself, we are indebted to various things and among them there are four basics.  We are indebted to all living beings generally for the characteristics of basic living, to our parants who gave us birth, the continuum of the natural and social systems of leadership that manages the world around us in an orderly fashion and the great teachers that awaken us and cultivate our minds and that enable us each to mature to manifest our own highest potentials. 

 Whe your minds are so ordered only then can you actually produce and create value with your thoughts, words and deeds.  Apart from this it is all just another commercial fantasy, frauds perpetrated by snake oil salesmen.

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