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6 years ago  ::  Jul 11, 2012 - 8:25PM #11
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Maxmar - 

I agree with you. Larger communities are definitly "spiritual boosters," and I look forward to a future where I'll hopefully be closer to a community. In the meantime I, perhaps three or four times a year, attend a feast or holiday observation in a community two counties over (40 minutes there; 80 minutes round-trip). And I've been lucky enough to have a non-Bahá'í freind take me to the Temple during a student conference I attended in Chicago. 

I mostly referred to my isolated status to emphasize the feelings that others feel when they express disatisfaction with the Faith, which I think is rooted in  what you identified - becoming a new believer after having been Christian for a long time. 

However men try to reach me, I return their love with my love; whatever path they may travel, it leads to me in the end - Bhagavad Gita 4:11

"Knowledge is a light which God casteth into the heart of whomsoever He willeth" - The Four Valleys; Hadith
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6 years ago  ::  Jul 12, 2012 - 4:08PM #12
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Jul 11, 2012 -- 8:25PM, Kalzera wrote:

I agree with you. Larger communities are definitly "spiritual boosters," and I look forward to a future where I'll hopefully be closer to a community.

without having lived in a larger community I'm not able to say.

the community I declared in told me a week after declaring... "we just had a bi-election and you've been elected to the LSA, we meet every other Wednesday".

a week after that "our I-ACT needs a treasurer, would you mind serving as both Assembly treasurer and Center treasurer?" it was an amazingly vibrant and active community that you wouldn't even realize has only 9 members.

couple years later move to a medium size community and discover it extremely inactive with events being next to spiritually draining.

it's not a matter of "The Baha'i Faith Lacks Spirituality"

it is a matter of whether the community members bring enthusiasm and vibrance WITH THEM to events. and having thought long and hard about why this community doesn't have the same vitality...

I can only conclude it's a matter of working too long and too hard on life's daily responsibilities. people have families, kids have after school activities, everyone is burned out by the time they arrive at Baha'i events.

people don't realize how the american population is being worked into the grave to make the rich get richer while the poor get poorer...

but that's a topic for another thread.

I dream in my lifetime uhmericans will come to realize hezbollah, hamas, and isis gain followers by helping society AND the only way to defeat them is to perform greater good.

the average person is 8 times more likely to be murdered by a cop than a radical terrorist
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