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6 years ago  ::  Jun 28, 2012 - 9:05PM #1
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I've been getting deja vu rather often lately and it sort of spurred on a whole other chain of thoughts, which I thought I'd record here.

It's such a strange feeling.  For me, deja vu is like I get the sense that I've done something a million times.  I have to wonder if that's exactly the truth.  I think time is circular.  I've always imagined that the universe blew up and will some day fall back in on itself and blow up again.  Once again we will live our lives. 

But I also believe that all possible realities exist in other dimensions or universes.  Or maybe our universe is so vast that it includes all possibilities.  Either way, though we may be in the same universe, only certain events are repeated. It would certainly explain deja vu.  So everything collapses, the universe becomes a sigularity, and then the Big Bang happens all over again.  So it could be a cycle, and it would allow for all potentialities.

If thats true, then we really would have done everything a number of times.  One thing that I've been thinking about is that if the universe cycles like that, it would be like the breath of God/theForce/Tao, etc.  It exhales and blows out the universe, then inhales and it shrinks back to the sungularity.

what do you think?

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