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6 years ago  ::  Jun 22, 2012 - 9:30AM #1
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Our children are important they are the future.


These words I think we have all heard many times and may have said them a few times as well but have you really put any real thought into them and their real meaning.

In many different parts of our world the importance of safeguarding our children is looked on in different ways. It is very much dictated by the local culture.

Yet we all have one aim and that is to try to bring up our children to be good honest members of our society to teach them to obey the laws and to respect our fellows at all times.

All these things are good and they will ensure that the future is a good one yet there is one thing that we do fail to do.


Yes that one simple act is maybe the one act that we most often fail to do. The children are the future and there for they have a right to tell us how they feel we should lay the foundations for that future. After all it will be them who have to live with the future that we have built as we have had to live with the future our parents built for us.

No matter how well meaning they were we can all agree and state that there are things in today’s world that if our parents had taken the time to listen to us would have been so much better. An example would be the state of the planet. If they had only taken notice of the then younger generation who warned them our great and precious planet would be in so much better health.

Let us learn for this and take the time to listen to the children to take notice of what they say and what their hopes are for our world are.

We have to remember that it will be them who have to live with what we leave. So take the time to listen to the younger generation  maybe we will learn from them just as much as we hope that they will learn from us.

Together in partnership with our children we can build a great and happy future for both the great family of man and the greater family of all living things .



Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.

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