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6 years ago  ::  Jun 13, 2012 - 10:07AM #1
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Gay marriage right or wrong



This is a question that is on many peoples minds and to be totally honest I really do not see why for there is only one answer to this. I will give you that answer later if you do not already know it.

First of all a question to all those so call people of faith who are doing all they can to tell us no matter what our faith that the marriage of two people of the same sex is wrong WHY?

Marriage is a holy and personal declaration before a persons fellows and before their Gods, that the person who is standing beside them is the one person that they want to share and spend their lives with in partnership.

Every person has the right to worship how they wish they have the sacred right to share what is in their hearts with their Gods and this is exactly what two people are doing when they enter into marriage.

No man church temple mosque or any other home of faith has the right to deny a person this right to do so would be a crime against their own deity.

Through out time we never see that the Gods of any faith have said this is wrong all we see are the words of mortal men who have no links to the Holy thoughts of the Gods of this world. They have not sat in a place of worship and been told by their deity that two people of the same sex should be denied the right to celebrate their love in this most personal and spiritual way.  

Today if we look at the actions of the church of England and the catholic church as well as other faith around the world who are doing all they can to stop the marriage of two people souley on the grounds that they are of the same sex we can see their true fears.

They fear a loss of power a loss of control the loss of right to dictate to others who live in a free world how to think and act.

These so call men of God do not act in the name of love and harmony their action are the actions of men of chaos and hatred for this is all that their action bring to the world.

We as brothers and sisters no matter what faith or race or sexual orientation should be glad for all those who have in this sometimes lonely and loveless world found true love and want to celebrate it and declare it in solemn and holy ceremony before their Gods.

Let us join them in rejoicing in their love the greatest gifts that the Gods of all faiths have given to us.

So the answer to my opening question is YES gay marriage is as right as any other form of marriage and we as fellows should do all we can to help others to have the right to marry before their Gods and let no man have the power to stop it.



Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.

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