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6 years ago  ::  Jun 11, 2012 - 10:38AM #1
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Greater mutual respect for each other.


We have all heard the expression that the world is getting smaller. This of course refers to the fact that it is now more and more accessible to us all.

Lands that in the past were many months travel by dangerous routs are now only a matter of a few comfortable hours travel away.

This also applies to our own home lands that welcome visitors from far away nations that our parents and grandparents had only seen on a film or read about in a book.

With this come many new aspects to our lives and we find our selves encountering cultures and ways of life that are foreign to us.

As the world opens up to us we all find that we see new things new ways of doing things new ways of looking at life love and faith.

Yet this is not a new thing for the same things have been happening for centuries all over the world in cultures that were far older than those we live in today.

 Yet there is a difference between then and now and I think that you would be surprised when I say that the ancient world was far better at this than the world we live in today.

Cultures would accept each other and even embrace them adopting many things from them, which would enrich their own lives.

They did not judge a person by the colour of his skin or the land that he was born.

They would accept a person no matter what his life choices were within certain bounds but certainly, a gay man or woman would be accepted in both daily life and the religions of that time.

These ancient people tried to learn about others they tried to understand new cultures to look for ways they were the same as others to try and find a connection.

To understand and respect the values of others not to condemn them or try to destroy them.

Here is a lesson that we in the Kemetic faith have been shown by our Gods that is to learn from others take the time to understand them get to know them and from these simple acts mutual respect will grow.

For a world that has mutual respect for each other is a safer happier one. A world that we can feel safe being who we are not having to hide our true selves from a world that we fear.

So let us all turn to our neighbour and instead of judging them on what we see or what we are told about them by others . find out about them yourself get to know them understand them. You will find that not only will you enrich your own life you will get something of much greater value. A friend.



Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.

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