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6 years ago  ::  May 29, 2012 - 5:10PM #11
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“I'm sorry, but revenge killing ads not even the patina of justification to MMM especially not from a group of people referring to themselves as saints. The one form of killing specifically condemned by the Christ from His own mouth was revenge killing.”


No justification has been mentioned here. My last post was simply to show a little of the stupid thinking that went on in MM. I also brought up Hawn’s Mill simply to add a little understanding of their thinking NOT TO CONDONE IT. With a little research one can find more incidents. Ask yourself why did they leave Nauvoo and go to Utah. Oh yes, now I remember, many were kicked out of their homes, often more than once, women were raped, men were beaten and killed etc. etc. etc. Much is found in family journal’s that is not recorded elsewhere. My great, great grandfather, though not a member of the church, was caught without his shotgun and beaten so badly he died a week later. His family were members so he was a fair target.

History has also shown that the lord took care of those who simply bent their shoulders and continued to put their lives in the Lords hands. I have a great grandmother that came to Utah with the Martin Handcart co. She lost her mother and a sister, yet like most, accepted her trials. As one learns more of those people one begins to understand, a little, of what it means to put one’s life in the Lords hands. When word of Johnston’s Army coming to Salt Lake there were many who stacked firewood around their homes so that if the Army tried to take over they would burn it down rather than give their home up again. The Army turned out to be a blessing as they brought much needed money to buy provisions. My great grandmother married one of the young solders of that army as did other young ladies there. So here again we see, lean on the Lord as a way of life.

I apologize for being so wordy here as it is not my usual posting, but this subject has made me go back and reread some of the family journals that speak of problems they had and the miracles that got them through. I am thankful that I have not been put to those tests of faith they had back then.

Jesse fox


A hair, perhaps, divides the False and true.

-         Omar Khayyam


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