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6 years ago  ::  May 14, 2012 - 7:46AM #1
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Once your mind is calm and full of love

Once your mind is calm and full of love, there is no room for hatred or fear. Others will trust you because of your open heart. 

This thought has two parts. The first part talks about how to achieve an open heart, the second part talks about what will happen once you have achieved some level of skill at opening your heart.

If your heart is full of love and your mind is calm, you can blocked the some of the biggest problems to having an open heart, hatred an fear. If your heart is full of love, you crowd out the negative emotions that would occupy it.

Once you are known to have an open heart, , you will be trusted by others. This is interesting, as (on thinking about it) I find that I do trust the people whom I know have hearts filled with love. Mostly it’s family, but I do know a  others who have hearts filled with love, and they are also truly and deeply trusted.

Why is a heart full of love important?  
To me, love in your heart is like gas in the tank of your car. When it’s full, you can go the distance. When it’s empty, you’re stuck. To me, a full tank of love is the reserve I need to face the daily difficulties that await all of us.

It is not a easy task to fill our heats with love when there is so much negative energy out there trying to break in but if we try to fill it a little every day day by day the positive love will first dilute and then finally replace them.

The more love in your heart the greater trust people put in your the more joy you will enjoy every day and the easier is will be to fill your heart with love.


Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.

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