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6 years ago  ::  Feb 16, 2012 - 9:22AM #1
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India Supreme Court debates gay sex ruling

Pharaohs thoughts on how the Kemetic faith views this matter.

As India’s Supreme Court debates, this issue after the nation reached a landmark judgement in 2009 overturning a draconian relic of its colonial past in the form of section 377 of the colonial Indian Penal Code, which defined homosexual acts as "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" and made them illegal.

It has brought up a valid question and one that also needs to be redressed that being what is an unnatural act of sex and how should this be define in law.

There is no doubt that this subject is one that brings to the surface a very ugly side in many people and has done so for many years. We see people of deep faith turn from love to hatred and we even see men of peace advocate violence when pressed on this issue.

When we look at the many great issues that we face today, can any one justify any hate towards our fellows?

In a world that is at this time in its history in desperate need for us all to look at one of the corner stones of the Kemetic faith.

That we should not judge others for what they are but to see each person as a individual soul and judge that soul for who they are inside beyond that which the eye see’s.

Look beyond the outer shell and find the true love that resides in us all.

Does it really matter to you what colour a persons skin is what sex they are or even how they interact with others in their personnel lives.

It is certain that you will not drop dead on the spot if you are friends with a gay person.

The truth is how many of us could tell if a person was gay. I doubt is many of us could and why should we after all does it matter.

The Netjar have shown us that we should not judge a person on what we see but on who we see.

As for the term unnatural, we have again to look at the world we live in today.

Test tube babies are those natural, surrogate mothers and many more of the great advances of today’s world. They cannot be declared a act of nature and yet we would not declare them illegal.

In fact they are things that have in themselves brought great love and happiness in to the lives of so many.

When a child is created, there is many things that we can not control and should not attempt to control.

A child is born in innocents and its soul has been forged from purity.

In that soul the main features of our being are embedded as in the genetics.

We have no real power over the colour of our hair the shape of our face the power of our brain and the sexual orientation that we shall develop and follow in life.

These things are all part of nature and so are as natural as any thing else. A gay person in born created in the womb the same as everyone else as such has the same rights as their fellows.

In life the Netjar have created the great balance the thing that is needed to ensure harmony in the world. Day and night good and bad cold and hot man and woman and straight and gay they are all the creation on the Netjar that nature needs to ensure balance.

We see this all around us in our live we do not need to consult great tomes to find the truth in this.

The Kemetic faith is a faith that encourages us to look around to learn the truth to take that truth and to use it to improve not only our lives but the lives of all.

When we have reached this stage, we can see how wrong those who seek to make this natural part of creation illegal are.

Why would the Netjar or any other Gods create a thing that is a abomination to its self. They would not. The abomination is those who seek to destroy one of the purest and greatest things in this world the love one person has for another.

The abomination is to try to use faith to promote hatred and discrimination against innocent people.

The abomination is to declare a thing of natural creation a unnatural thing and to try to destroy it.

Let us turn our backs on these people who use faith to promote bigatry and hate who carry out in their very words and actions the greatest of all crimes against nature and creation.

It is my truest hope that we can ride the world of one more act of hatred and bring us all closer to harmony and a happier more accepting world.

Barry Von Clemens

Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.

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