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6 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2012 - 4:34PM #1
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I noticed in the YouTube atheist community a bit of disallusionment with all the arguments "already being discussed" and the resultant hesitation to post new vids rehashing all of this.  I was wondering if the insular YouTube community forgot somewhat that new people are born every day and young people are still growing up facing these questions for the first time.  

I hope the contributors to the BNet A&S forum would not fall into that narrowminded perspective and realize that theirs is not the only generation for which such discussions and "live" interaction is vital, even if only in BNet's text format.

Has anybody noticed a newer generation asking similar questions?   I have.   I hope there are those who are still capable of answering questions for the following generations without them having to waste their lives reinventing the wheel.       

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6 years ago  ::  Jan 01, 2012 - 6:53PM #2
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Bunsinspace, welcome!  I'm so happy to see somebody show up here and revive this dying patient.  There is absolutely no reason for the atheist/secular forum to go under unless Beliefnet, itself, has been left to die out.

The issues of which you speak are as timely as they are timeless.  All there is to be said has hardly yet been said.

With fresh discussions, we can get this forum going again.  I think it's worth the doing.

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