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Switch to Forum Live View Does Anyone Watch The Israeli Network? Opinions?
6 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2011 - 10:58AM #1
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Hey everyone, I found this forum recently and thought it would be a good place to ask a question: Has anyone tried out The Israeli Network, which is a cable/satellite package that shows Israeli TV throughout the world? I'm thinking of buying it, but I'd be curious to get any feedback first... it's something like $20 or more a month!

I think they have a large number of subscribers, so if anyone here has used it, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts:

1. Are the Israeli shows broadcasted any good?
2. Is the signal and transmission quality good?
3. Is it worth the money?
4. I heard that they translate everything with English subtitles -- do people find it's a good way to help learn Hebrew?
5. Is there good religious content? Of course, they show secular, entertainment programming (with women who are not tziunit), but they also have a few shows like "Welcoming the Shabbat." Do you consider it OK to watch?

I live in Jerusalem, but I'm asking more for my friends and family outside of Israel -- they hear about the shows I sometimes see, and they are interested in seeing them too. Any thoughts on this service would be appreciated! I don't know anyone in America or Europe who uses The Israeli Network, so I thought people here might... Thanks for any insights!

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2011 - 2:46PM #2
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Here in the States I never knew about "TV Israel" but I watch free Israeli podcasts and internet feeds and they do provide for all those things you noted.  As far as learning Hebrew better I think that all one would need do is to walk around Jerusalem and get involved with the people and you will pick it up faster and more naturally than viewing stuff on the tube, but that's just my own opinion.  If you have 20 bucks a month to spend on such a thing you will be supporting a "local" business and helping to make that business better.  So there are lots of ways of looking at it IMHO.  And if you do have the resources to pay for such a thing everybody benefits.  And it would be the same for a non-Israeli - the consumer benefits and the Israeli business benefits.

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