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7 years ago  ::  Dec 03, 2011 - 7:15PM #1
Acts 28:22
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 Hugo, Scorsese, Romney, and Gingrich
The review on Hugo is interesting, but the reason I placed this is because of OSC's insight into the Romney/Gingrich race.

It is impossible to stand upright when one plants his roots in the shifting sands of popular opinion and approval.

Thomas S. Monson
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7 years ago  ::  Dec 05, 2011 - 9:15PM #2
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Acts, perhaps we can help make the point algebraically :

Let Republicans = S

Mormons = M

Then SM + 1 = Romney

and SM - 1 = Gingrich.

No matter what, the Republican and Mormon relationship remains constant in an SM state, and the best part is the M will always come back for more.

I remember some years ago when Newt advocated taking children away from their single mothers and sending them to Boy's Town. I think Newt's reasoning was, that if Father Flanagan and the boys could help shape up a shiftless youth like Mickey Rooney, then it would work as a universal panacea and turn out future contributors to GOPac.

Who said the Republican candidate slate was devoid of visionaries? They only need to scrutinize Newt for fantasies which will take them far and wide.


Cry Heaven and let loose the Penguins of Peace
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