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7 years ago  ::  Oct 10, 2011 - 11:13AM #1
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Most   likely  the  enabler  7  Heads, of  State, Kings, of  Rev. 13, also called  Mountains in
Rev. 17  are   in  the  GREAT eagle  nation,  JFK  a  resistor,   and   the   one   who   received 
a  deadly  wound  but  lived  is   most   likely   Reagan.   He  was  probably  a  resistor  too  until  he  was  shot,  then  began  believing  or  pretending-to- believe  the  slanderer,  "who  opposes", 2nd Thess. 2, who we're  COMMANDED  not  to  believe,  or  we'll  perish, 
"the accuser of the brethren" in  Rev. 12,  and gradually got  Alzheimers.   Billy  Graham used
to  call  the  2nd Thess. 2  opposer, who I believe  preaches  that  achievment is prideful, "the lawless one".  Cross  ref,  Daniel 7:25 and 26,  he  gets  laws  and  customs  changed,  but will somehow be hauled into court  "and  none  shall  help  him".   Not  even  masonry,  which  may  be   that   "city"  that  "rules  kings of  earth".   The  ten  horns,  according to the late Presbyterian  TV  minister   D. James  Kennedy,  are  "overlords"  of  some  kind.   The  beast and  false  prophet  have an  underground,  babylon with lower case b,  and  must   have  ten  overlords or governors  of  their  covert  temporary  regime.  

Some  have  preached  that  the  one  head  (of state)  receiving  the  deadly  wound  died and was  resurrected, but  the  Bible  does  NOT  say  that!   Careful!   It  says  he  received a  deadly  wound  but  lived.   IMPO  it's  a  clue   that   it's  talking about  individuals, not  nations.   And  the  clues  about  the  woman  flying somewhere  and  her  house being made desolate of her children, all in Rev. 12,  I  think  are  clues  that  she's  an individual.  Very  obviously  all  that  isn't  about  any  group of any  kind.   In  Micah, about chapter 4,
some  voyeurs, probably  testing  new spy  technology as well as  voyeurism,  saying let 
her (body) be corrupted and let our eyes  LOOK  UPON   her,  God  makes  her  a  tower 
among  the  FLOCK.   Rev. 12, her  "other" children  are  all  that  pass  the  final loyalty
exam.   Last  verse  of  Rev. 12.  

Two  beasts  are  usually  spoken  of  as  one,  but  in  Daniel,  they're  rising  up  from  slightly  different   places.   Probably   know  each  other,   maybe  belong  to  same  denomination or  are  inlaws  or  something.   There's  a  separatist   group   started  by  Alexander Campbell  during  The Reformation,  which  is  sidetracked  that   It's  all  about
how  to  worship,  rather  than  about   Jesus  becoming  the  universal  Lamb.   We're
never  actually  told  exactly   how  to   worship,  much   less  to   boast   about  it  and
accuse   the  other   denominations  of   teaching  for  doctrines the commandments of
mere  men.   Such  "strong delusions" (mentioned in 2nd Thess. 2) they  can't  see  that
they're  the  main  ones  doing   that,   and  IF   there's  a  forced  one-world-religion  as
the  preachers  have  been  speculating  for  years,   probably  that'd  be  it  (?????) 

I  forgot  to  do  a  search  before  starting  this  to  see  how  many  Republican  heads
of  state  and how many Democrat  ones  we've  had   since  JFK.   Don't   know   if   that
would   help  us   at   all   in   determining  which   are  the  7.   The  8th  is  going  to  be  the  beast  himself.   (All  8  are  puppets?????  Doesn't  he  like  to  stay  covert,  un-revealed?   Possibly  one  reason   he   wants   to   get   rid   of   the   woman  is   that  she's  into  prophecy  and  he  fears  will  expose  him?    Or,  because  maybe  she 
carries  the  evidence  of   one   part   of   Watergating   that   wasn't   reported  to  the
public  including  her?    I've  read  that  Lachish  is  just  an  archeology  dig  now,  so  if
any  of  you  look  up  the  very  short  book  of   Micah,   the conspirators  must  be  tourists  at  the  archeology  site,  maybe  Watergater  spies  along  with  some  from  the  separatist  group (?????) that  would  be  infiltrating  gov't   a   lot.    They   claim   one verse  about  "singing and making melody in your hearts"  means  the  heart  is  the  only  instrument  we're  to  play  in  worship,   Bible  does  NOT  say  that.   Because  God  "changes  not",  always  liked  to  be  praised  ON  the  harp and psaltery or whatever, and still  has  that  in   Heaven,  three  chapters  of  Revelation, 5, 14, and 15, "the harps of God" being  used in worship,   can't   we   guess   their  one  verse  just  means  put   some  heart  into  the  singing  of  praises?   Another  clue, there's  a  verse criticizing the Jews for  not  having  put  their  heart  into  their  prayers,  I  heard  on  TV.   IF  they're  the  ones in 2nd Chron. 7:14,  BOASTING  about  being  called  by  His  name,  it  says  they  have  some  wicked  ways,  they  probably  think  are  justified  for  them  alone,  making  their  whole  nation  need  healing.   That  they  should  humble  themselves, etc.    Just  a  tentative  theory  and  certainly  a   possibility.    "Anything's  possible".   The  quieter  one  of  the  two  may  be   in   that   secret   "city"  which  "rules  kings  of  earth".   But  aren't  they  both   thrown  alive  into  the  lake  of  fire?   I  forget  momentarily  where  that's  found.    

Nations  will  attack  ISRAEL,  yes, and  who knows,  maybe  at  that  time  us  too,  like  9-11,  but   this  about  the  enablers  is about  Christians   in   the   land  of  the  GREAT  eagle,   and  it  can't   be   a   literal   "42 months"   because  the  terms  of  the  enabling   heads, of state/kings/mountains   add  up   to probably   more  like  42  YEARS, right?  "He  uses   the  natural  violence  of  the  chaldeans  as  a  COVER,  so  I  don't  know  if  that
means  he  causes  the  final   attack  on  Israel.  

Do  you remember  Bush  Sr.  once  saying, like a  copout,  "The CHURCH can do anything
 it wants"?   As  if  he  makes  heads  of   state  think  it's  the  whole  church,  not  just  him?    Actually,  don't   laws  apply  to  churches   too?   Warren  Jeffs, for  instance,
is  in  prison  for  life  plus  20  years,  I  believe.    If  you  were  a  victim,  what kind of  lawyer   would  you   need?   Some  used  to  say   a      Do  you  remember 
Reagan  saying  someone  was  a  "false  Cassandra"?   I  believe  an  advice  column, maybe Dear Abby, maybe another one,  had  mentioned  that  Cassandra  was lied about.
We're  not  to  believe  him,  2nd  Thess. 2, about any of the believers  he  maligns  behind our  backs  in  religion  (heavenly)  circles.   "They  overcame  him, by  the blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their  testimony,  and  loved  not  their  lives  to  the  death", quoting just from  memory, hope I didn't leave out anything.   It  doesn't  say  they  were  actually killed  but  that  they  knew  they  might   be.  Most  of  us   try  to  be  careful  not  to 
say  too  much,   but   as  watchmen  we  also  need  to  try  to  give  a  warning?   One
time  two  church  secretaries  either  altered  some  checks, or  gave them to him to alter, and  they  both  very  soon   got   cancer   and   died.    The  check  originator  hadn't 
known   to  warn   them,  not   to   believe   a   talebearing   intruder.     Bet  she  sure
learned  not  to  use  checks, don't  you?   It's  one  of  his  many  destructive  changes.  Churches  say  they  can't  know  how  to  budget   if   we   don't   let   our   one  hand
know what the other is doing.   Couldn't   they   expose   him,  get  something  done?   Some  may  have  already  lost  their  jobs?    We're   still  to   rejoice,  because  we're  His,  no  matter  what,   and  priviliged  to  have   all  this  advance  information.    Jesus  said  count it all joy, an honor,  when   all  manner  of  evil  is   said   about  you,   which  reminds  me   of   a   Grace kelly  tabloid  article  stating  there's a  Propaganda 2, like Hitler's  Propagana 1.  If  we  can  believe  the  tabloids  about  anything.   What  could  they  have  told  about   her,  to  maybe  cause  her  to  get   accidented?    Maybe  that  it  was  prideful  marrying  a   king?    Obviously  just  a  wild  speculative   guess ,  because  we
don't   have   facts.    No  organization  will  help  the  beastly  false  prophet  when  he's  somehow  hauled  into  court,  Daniel  7.   That's  good  news  for  us.         

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7 years ago  ::  Oct 12, 2011 - 6:08AM #2
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Well,  in  the  eventual  attack  on  Israel,  Nations  obviously  would  figure.   I  for  one  have  not  been  keeping  up  with  exactly  which  ones,   but   I  don't  think  one   whole  nation  would  be  wounded  and  survive.   So  many   have  in  the  past  preached  that   the beast died and was resurrected,   it's  important  to  point  out   that the Bible does  NOT  say  that.  Only  one  of  the  enabling  heads,  of  state,   gets  a  wound  that  would  usually  cause  death,  but  survives.    They  say  Reagan  told   the  hospital  people,  I  hope  you're  all  Republicans.   

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 23, 2011 - 6:53AM #3
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Pope JPII was also wounded with a gun shot that should have killed him, but didn't.

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 24, 2011 - 1:44AM #4
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Dec 23, 2011 -- 6:53AM, steve123 wrote:


Pope JPII was also wounded with a gun shot that should have killed him, but didn't.

Right.  Thanks, Steve.   You're not saying a series of  Popes enable the beast, I'm sure,  because so many of the scattered clues, throughout the Bible,  sound like America.   I'm not Catholic either, as you evidently are not, and I do remember the Inquisition "past", which could probably happen when  any  denom  gets  too  conceited that it's the only one,  but I really think Pope John Paul would have been too smart to be fooled by the beastly false prophet, who teaches  hatred, in the house of his God.  Don't you?  

Satan himself is in religion,  posing as one of the messengers (angels) of  light, 2nd Cor. 11:14   some  of  the  ways  we're  to  recognize him is his teaching hatred, badmouthing the believers  behind their  backs, and  opposing  them.  He may claim achievements are prideful, but  the  Bible  says  do  with  all our  might  what  we're  programmed to do, right?  He also persecutes a Christian woman, Revelation 12, who's  endorsed in, I think, the last verse, or last half of chapter.  Book of Micah is probably a cross reference about her, important because God gives them up to uncleaness  evidently voyeurism because some (in Nixon Watergating days?) conspired to somehow corrupt her body to "look upon" her.  So God makes her a  tower  among  the  FLOCK.   And  all  the  faithful become in a sense her children, evidently replacing some of her own who've abandoned her, made her house desolate.  In Micah 2, one  "evil family"  evidently start a war on women for properties.  I may have mentioned this before, but  66% of the homeless  currently are women. 

PROBABLY, just guessing, not claiming it's spelled out,  the  beast,  and his family, whether it means a physical normal family or maybe  some underground group or denomination, somehow   caused  this.  "He  corrupts  men  with  flattery."   That  women  are  moochers? 

Any opinions  expressed which are not actually  in  black and white in the Bible  are  just  opinions,  and  we're  to   pray  for  wisdom and understanding,  James 1, instead  of  taking away  any  part  of  "all  scripture"  by  claiming it's not to be understood.  Would  God  give us  all  this  if  it  was  not  to  be  understood?   

Hope  Everyone  here  has  a  nice  Christmas  2011.  




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