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7 years ago  ::  Oct 02, 2011 - 2:05AM #1
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I thought i would post the basic tennants of totlaistic thought reform  so everyone can understand.
This stuff is very common and not something unique to any philosophy but serious stuff to watch out for.

1) milue controll -- In this case it tells you what thoughts to have. it controlls your mental envorinment. Having experienced some "ultimate truth" and perhaps needing to dispell doubt, members are deprived of the reflection needed to test the reality of something. This is the basis for the stark polorization in the course of what is REAL and what is UNREAL. The result is a personal closure where the practitioner is freed from the generally elusive struggle with the subtlies of what is true or not true.

2) mystical manipulation -- the group becomes agents to carry out a mystical imperative.

3) the demand for purity -- the experiential world is divided into the pure and the unpure.
In ACIM the REAL and the UNREAL. The trick is that no one ever actually achieves the REAL because it's not actually possible. This makes for never ending struggle to reform.  The general idea here is to set the hooks for the control triggers of guilt and shame. Very very powerfull and deeply inbedded human responses.

4) confession -- not sure how this fits into ACIM if at all.

5) "sacred science" -- The totalist group developes an aura of sacredness around it's basic dogma. The dogma is held up as having some type of bizarre airtight logic. The apeal lies in the seeming unification of the mystical and the logical part of the mind.

6) loading of the language -- Even the most far reaching, complex, and confusing aspects of human thought and behaviour and reality in general are compessed into short , highly reductive, difinitive-sounding phrases. (this is very common in our society). The end result for the practioner or member is "constriction". a sort of conceptual closterphobia.

7) doctrine over person -- for instance rather than experience genuine fellings you rather experience an abstract cataloguing or interpretation of felling acording to the doctrine.
REAL or UNREAL. Never just WOW my knee hurts!  The underlying assumption is that the book is actually MORE valid that actual human emotions  and experience. Character and identity are reshaped not in accordance with ones own unique and special needs but rather people and their experiences  are shaped to fit the book.

8) the despensing of existence -- this one is easy to see. The course labels everything outside of itself as UNREAL. for the individual the polar emotional conflict become simple. "being (in the group) vs not-being" or being UNREAL. This can be especially disturbing when the totalist group begins to imagine for instance everything disapearing accept the REAL or them.

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6 years ago  ::  Mar 05, 2012 - 4:47PM #2
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Your point is what?

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4 years ago  ::  Dec 30, 2013 - 6:06AM #3
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Hey Gary, are you referring to ACIM ?

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