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6 years ago  ::  Sep 12, 2011 - 1:17PM #11
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it's just that we live in what's both a "high-diversity" and  "low-income" neighborhood. we are surrounded by neighborhoods of high  wealth from Microsoft employees that happen to be highly motivated and  send their kids to "sports camps" where they get an edge over the  competition.

Don't underestimate the advantages of a "high-diversity" and  "low-income" neighborhood".  Soccer is the primary sport of most of Latin America.  They learn it by themselves in pick up games and just practicing by themselves with a soccer ball.   The Mexican teams in my area are great to scrimmage against.  Clint Dempsey is arguably the best US soccer ( he plays midfield/forward for Fulham in the EPL and also for the US national team).  He grew up in a trailer park and learned the fundamentals from his Mexican neighborhoods.  He was picked up by a club team when they saw how good he was with a soccer ball.

The latest soccer methodology is to de-emphasize winning for youth under 12, and stress fundamentals. 

Many of those fancy teams have some very good players that carry the rest of the team.  These good players get financial help if they can't afford it.  So the abilities of the average player of those are accentuated by the really good players.  In time those players lose their age.  When my daughter was in the fourth grade they lost alot.  She is in ninth grade now, last year was a break out year, and they began to beat some really good teams.  Our coach was patient emphasized skills and sportsmanship,  the other teams took shortcuts using tricks and physicality.

"having played 2 sports for 5 full years... he can  count the combined victories on one hand. he does believe me when I  repeated say "it's about developing the fundamentals and basics, just  like playing drums, just like snow skiing, everyone must develop basics  first".

It sounds like his team is in the wrong league.  My daughters age group (U15), had 10 leagues.  You kept on getting bumped down until your team starts winning.  It is possible that you have a bad coach.  My daughter's first coach was an ex-football player, he was a good guy, but didn't have a feel for the game.  I would try to explain strategy and just didn't get it (eg. why have 3 defenders in back instead of 4)

If you son is really interested, he should forget about winning and do it for the love of the game.  Also, he can do progress just as much with individual practice as with those high-falooting teams,  and check out the latin clubs in your area, they are really good.


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