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Switch to Forum Live View Multiple soul mates, or just multiple people you have encountered before?
7 years ago  ::  Aug 30, 2011 - 10:10AM #1
Posts: 28 I have believed in reincarnation ever since I learned of what it was.  I have my personal reasons for believing it.  I have had dreams, and weird affinities for things with no explanation.  In this life, I am female, served several years in the Air Force and did a lot of traveling to different countries and have met people from all over the United States as well.  I feel a STRONG connection to a lot of my friends. I have friends I met 20+ years ago that I have not seen in 15/16 years and when we reconnect it's like NO time is lost.  There are a handful I still talk to weekly, but recently I went on a business trip and met with an old friend i had not seen or talked to in 15 years!  It was just like old times.  So my question is you think these people are soulmates or that they could just be familiar old friends from a past life?  I literally have several friends like this.  I also recently met a guy 15 years my Junior and we are really hitting it off, sexually of course, but also very much intellectually.  Just trying to make sense of this.  I have never been able to explore my past lives. Would love to but don't really know how.  Occasionally I'll have a dream but it's not detailed enough to show people I may have encountered in a past life.
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7 years ago  ::  Sep 01, 2011 - 4:23AM #2
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Interesting that you would mention finding a man 15 years your junior highly compatible since my situation is similar. My husband is 18 years my junior, and people often think we are nearly the same age since he has a very dignified bearing, and I'm fortunate enough to have genes for looking significantly younger than my age. I suspect that if I dyed my hair still more would think us almost the same age.

Sure, we have the occasional glitch when it comes to his extreme fondness for Queen and other groups from the early to mid-80's, but most of the time, he listens to the 60's "oldies" station that I favor. We have a notable number of shared interests that one would think unlikely due to the difference in our ages.

We met in an AOL chatroom about 15 years ago and remarked when we finally met in reality that it felt as though we'd reunited after years of separation. There was an immediate comfort level and feeling of physical familiarity that rarely occurs between people who've only just met.

But then, by the time we actually met, we'd discovered a shared past life as medieval soldiers-for-hire who'd been best friends, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

I think it safe to say that anyone we meet with whom we feel an intense and otherwise inexplicable familiarity could be someone from a past life.

Take a look at the stickies "Reincarnation 101" and "FAQ's" at the top of the thread topics list here. Those two threads have links and various hints and tips that may help you learn to access your past lives if you'd like to do so.

There are also many good books out nowadays that contain techniques that can work very well. Roger Woolger and Dr. Brian Weiss are two reputable authors that I often recommend for that sort of thing.

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6 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2011 - 2:14PM #3
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Two words: Spirit Family.

I've learned alot in this incarnation. I am open for chat for anyone that is curious and would like to know more!   Laughing

my name is Lynda (in this life time)

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