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7 years ago  ::  Aug 11, 2011 - 9:58PM #1
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Because there is a division between the spiritual and the physical religions being about the spirtual have problems with sex.   This is because if religion doesn't set boundaries upon sexual relationships then sex becomes the religion.

If you study the Baha'i teachings in this light.    You will see that the Baha'i Faith is about people developing spiritual and social relationships within a community and sexual relationships are just limited to the social relationship of a man and woman in marrage.

That is not because sex is bad or evil, its because sex and sexual highs are not the pathways to developing the spirit.

This means that each individual has to struggle within this context with his or her own sexual struggles and the part sex plays within their own human relationships.   

Sex is a part of the individual's spiritual struggle and can't be the focus of religion.    Because if sex is the focus of religion,  then religion  becomes about having sex and God is forgotten.

The male and female sex organ become idols of the Divine Being.  

Thus sex is not evil, its not just the focus of life, put it is a part of life which each individual is left to put into a spiritual focus.

This my point of view only and in no way represents any point of view of anybody else or any Baha'i institution.      This is only meant to provoke a discussion on the issue.

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7 years ago  ::  Aug 12, 2011 - 1:35PM #2
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Aug 11, 2011 -- 9:58PM, Myche wrote:

Because there is a division between the spiritual Thus sex is not evil, its not just the focus of life, put it is a part of life which each individual is left to put into a spiritual focus.

Thanks for starting an interesting new thread on such a relevant and topical theme. To offer a different perspective while in no way running counter to your position, the Bahá'í Faith seems in fact to elevate sex to a very precious place rather than reducing it into a cheap passing encounter as the secular world does. In the Faith, sexual intercourse, out of all the various forms of physical contact between people, is rather seen as an act of honouring lifelong fidelity. It is the sign and the symbol of true faithfulness, a joyous celebration of unyielding love. In other words, what I'm trying to do is to express the spiritual intent and the deep principle underlying the otherwise legalistic-sounding maxim of refraining from extramarital affairs. This spiritual meaning is what escapes most secular people and why they fail to see the beauty of the notion of saving oneself for marriage.

If and when sex is engaged outside a bond of lifelong faithfulness, call it marriage, it becomes a somewhat cheap thing. The body, which for the Bahá'ís is nothing less than the temple of that luminous being, the human soul, is cheapened and trivialized by passing sexual encounters into a mere plaything, a mere mechanical surringe releasing a fleeting hormonal thrill. Shouldn't rather the most intimate of all physical interactions between people be meaningful and not empty? Shouldn't all human acts be meaningful and not empty? Therefore it is only perfectly logical that, from the spiritual perspective, the closest known physical intimacy between two people must also correspond to the deepest and the most enduring spiritual bond between two people, namely holy matrimony. Anything less doesn't do justice to the human temple.


"All things have I willed for you, and you too, for your own sake."
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