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7 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2011 - 2:22PM #1
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   There has been       much talk in the heathen community about intentional community, or       forming       heathen only townships.  It was       inevitable once our numbers reached a certain point for the draw       of being able       to live in a community of people whose ideas about duty, faith,       and community       were shared, rather than as a minority in communities whose       Christian       trying-too-hard-to-really-be-a-majority tend to view us with       suspicion.   I have       always been against participating in such communities, because I       believe       heathens and heathenry is required to bring our communities back       into the       balance that they have lost between individual freedom and       personal       responsibility.

      Christianity       gave a community model based on external authority, you had to do       your duty as       a Citizen because Yaweh would punish you eternally if you didn’t,       or because it       was what he said was the right thing to do, depending on your       nature.   During the post WWII generations,       the       unquestioning adherence to authority came under attack, and       personal liberties       were taken back from the State and its pillar, the Church.  This was good, but while removing  external authority for belief and choice,       that generation separated the ideas of individual rights in the       community from       individual responsibility to the community; a separation about as       natural and       sustainable as separation inhalation from exhalation.  You either breath both in and out or you       don’t       breath at all, you either enjoy the freedoms that your       responsibilities towards       your community have earned or you swiftly have neither the       community nor the       freedoms.  There is no way to do only one       part and not the other if you wish to survive.

        Heathenism has       always been about personal responsibilities.        Neither our kings nor our gods commanded our conscience;       always we       remained responsible for our own choices and for our own success       and failure.  Our Hamaval is not filled       with rules to obey,       but guidelines and strategies for building and sustaining       community, for       building and strengthening relationships, and  showing       us how even wealth and status should       be used to both improve your worth or standing and improve the       community.

      Worth that       glorifies and individual and serves the community, is a heathen       concept.  Heathen ambition serves the       community,       because it defines its success by the status granted by the       community for its       deeds.  In enhancing your personal worth       as a heathen, you are advancing the fortunes of your whole       community, and       justly reaping the rewards.  Not so with       outward North American society.  Worth       and status are something our society is struggling to deal with       now.  We have rid ourselves of the rule of       the       aristocracy, and of the nobility, but after centuries of preaching       humility as       a virtue, those who seek celebrity in this age are not often       worthy       individuals.  We have a secular society       that worships celebrity in its own name, while hungering for worth       it will not       find within celebrity.  We have a society       that teaches children that there are no winners or losers, that       everybody is       equal, or at least we must pretend they are.        In this way we have stopped rewarding success, stopped       granting glory to       those who achieve, stopped recognizing worth in those who are       advancing the       community.  At the same time in the adult       world, competition continues to be fierce, and success going only       to the       winner.  Success being separate from       worth because of a childhood without context for worth being born       from success       in community supported  struggle, modern       success is deemed equivalent whether the means and ends are worthy       or not.  Secular and Christian society       having stripped       away worth from success have replaced community leaders with       personal       ambition.  Rather than ambition serving the       community, now it is hurting it.

     We heathens are       like chrome in the raw iron of ill forged communities.  Under the fire and hammer of life, a little       chrome can act to harden the raw iron, and turn it into the steel       our ancestors       once knew.  Last night I was called by my       neighbours because there was a suspicious van, all blacked in,       lurking just out       of the entrance to our 44 unit complex.        The local wives sent their children to summon me, and I       went to find out       who was lurking.  While I was seeing to       this, another one of the husbands was dispatched to back me up,       because we have       each other’s backs in this community.

      Having a       celebratory beer afterwards, we saw one of the children in the       complex have a       serious bike accident, and I attended  as       an Industrial First Aider to deal with the spinal/head trauma,       backed up by       another parent who was also a trained first aider.        I called for supplies, and whatever child was       at hand grabbed what we needed from their own unit, and for an       hour or so we       maintained our casualty while waiting for our “20 minute”       ambulance.  After packing parents and       siblings off in the       nearest minivan to follow the ambulance, the mother of the injured       child asked       if  I could go into her house, grab her       keys and lock up her place for her.

       In fourteen       years of living as an open heathen, soldier, community volunteer       in this       townhouse complex I have been part of forging what is the modern       equivalent of       an ancient heathen village.  Our kids       play in our own playground, under the eyes of the collective       parents.  While not all children have       parents who care       enough to modify their behaviour, or are able to protect their       children, the       community as a whole has leaders that it turns to, to make sure       that all women       and children are safe, and our little communities interest are       protected with       local school boards, city and utility planners, and that those in       need are       getting the support required from the community and government       agencies.  I am one of those leaders, but       by no means       the only one.  Through years of struggle       I have proven my worth to the community, and shown those who would       join me how       to find their worth in the doing.  Each       heathen is a torch; Kenaz, from torch to torch light is kindled.  Where once I stood alone, now I am assured       that even when I am not there, others will stand in my place.

         In pulling       heathens out to form our own communities, we would be taking the       chrome out of       the iron, leaving it weak and ill forged where it could have been       strong and       flexible.  Rather than being a key part       of strong and vibrant communities, we would be little functional       knots in a sea       of struggle.  Our security lies not in       withdrawing from community, but in helping to build and heal them.  Our nations have forgotten the meaning of       worth,       the duties of citizenship.  The folk are       no lesser now than they ever were, they just need teachers and       leaders to show       them how to do what the best of them hunger to do already; build       community.

John T Mainer

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5 years ago  ::  Jan 13, 2013 - 4:11AM #2
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I agree that we should. We need to have a community away from the Christian nonsense that seems to be around. If we do have a community then we can have things centered around how we believe and not about how we should believe. Personally, I want to build something where Heathens can come and enjoy themselves. I'm hoping that will be soon.

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