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7 years ago  ::  May 12, 2011 - 1:38PM #1
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TV Show on Reincarnation

Reincarnation - Little Boy Former Hollywood Actor?

from the website:

"Dr. Jim Tucker from the University of Virginia investigates the case of a five-year-old boy from rural Oklahoma who remembers extensive details of his past life as an actor in the golden age of 1930's Hollywood."

I guess this could be a hoax, if the parents are in on it and completely coached the child.  Other than that being the case, seems like it could be some credible evidence.

I don't buy the argument that believing in reincarnation would give people license to commit crimes or do other bad things.  The theologies that believe in reincarnation also believe that people are sent to hell for their sins, just that after some period of punishment there, they are eventually reincarnated.  But the punishment is so extreme as to warrant pause before thinking of "breaking bad."
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7 years ago  ::  May 12, 2011 - 3:38PM #2
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I must check our schedule to see if I can DVR that one. Sounds very interesting indeed.

Have you read Dr. Tucker's book about his work with very young children? Extremely interesting, particularly as Tucker is the successor to the late Dr. Ian Stevenson.

I heard that Tucker had agreed to examine the Leininger case. Haven't heard if he's determined whether or not it seems to be genuine.


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7 years ago  ::  May 22, 2011 - 8:14AM #3
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Just finished watching this segment of The Unexplained. Most intriguing indeed.

Seems impossible to me that the parents, Cyndi and Kevin, could or would have coached their son Ryan on anything since they initially incorrectly matched the man Ryan pointed to in the uncaptioned still from a George Raft movie with a picture of actor Ralf Harolde. Further investigation involving taking Ryan to Hollywood to see a home where Harolde had lived resulted in confusion for the boy. He simply didn't recognize anything they were showing him.

Ryan gave a number of details about what occurred in the movie, Night After Night, that were proven to be correct eventually, strikingly pointing to the picture he said was himself as "That's me, and that's George," pointing to star George Raft. Most notable, I thought, was his recalling that at one point a closet containing guns and nothing but guns from top to bottom was opened. But sure enough, the scene is shown where the closet door is opened to reveal rifles in a rack lining the bottom of the closet and a bunch of handguns on the top shelf. Nothing but guns.

Ultimately, Cyndi contacted a professional film researcher who had to consult other researchers to try to find out who the actor Ryan said he'd been was. None of them could identify this extra.

Finally, the researcher went to the Academy film library and eventually found a headshot of the man who turned out to be named Marty Martyn.

Most interesting, I thought, was that Ryan spoke of having gone to a New York graveyard with someone to meet "Senator Five" there. No one could figure out who Senator Five might have been until Dr. Jim Tucker found that there had been a Senator IVES in New York State. When shown five photos of men similar in appearance, Ryan picked out Senator Ives and said that was Senator Five.

Interestingly, when Dr. Tucker asked Ryan's father to read five different names aloud and for Ryan to say which one seemed most familiar, Ryan didn't react to any. Only when the list was laid where he could see it did he point to the name Marty Martyn. Instances of precocious vocabulary and ability to recognize written words much too advanced for the typical five-year-old have characterized this case from the outset, it appears.

Ryan's dad is a Muskogee, OK police investigator. Early on, he told his wife to write down and number in order each detail Ryan gave in case they could use the material to find out who their son had been. Also, Cyndi contacted Dr. Jim Tucker and then began emailing him regularly as Ryan revealed more details of what he recalled so that Dr. Tucker had immediate documentation.

I thought it intriguing that Ryan couldn't remember what his name had been in the past life but could identify a picture of himself and eventually gave 102 statements about that lifetime. Ultimately, Ryan's parents and Dr. Tucker were able to verify 90 of the statements as having been true of the movie extra Marty Martyn.

And Ryan's reaction to meeting Martyn's now elderly daughter was interesting as well. Cyndi explained afterward that Ryan was confused seeing a woman the age of his grandmother since he remembers Martyn's daughter as a small child. Martyn's daughter requested that the reunion not be filmed beyond her being introduced to Ryan and his parents, nor is her face shown. I found myself wishing for a statement by the daughter as to whether or not she thought Ryan remembered enough personal information that she felt he could have been her father. That was something that made the James Leininger case more striking, I thought, that the past life person's surviving sister confirmed some details as things only she and her brother could know.

A truly fascinating account. Do see this segment of The Unexplained if you have the opportunity.


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7 years ago  ::  May 22, 2011 - 9:18AM #4
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Did some googling for any more information online about this case and found an article from the family's hometown newspaper, The Muskogee Phoenix.

Thought the following quote most relevant for our purposes here:

Cyndi and Kevin both said the show only touches the tip of the iceberg. The show was supposed to be an hour long but was condensed to 30 minutes, Kevin said.

“The show didn’t tell why he claims he came back and I feel like that’s an important message,” Cyndi said. “Ryan says that we all come back because we have lessons to relearn. Ryan said he had to come back because of greed and he didn’t put his family and love first.”

Sure was a typical comment made by those who recall past lives, I thought.

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6 years ago  ::  Jul 15, 2012 - 8:49AM #5
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I also watched this last year and purchased a book on people who claim to be reincanated. I have not been able to forget about the little boy in Oklahoma since I watched the program. I was raised as a christan and to beleive only the bible. For me the program was an eye opener in reincarnation, which is a big "NO NO" in my belief system. Still I believe the little boys account and now question myself on whether we have previous lives. Im going to buy the dvd and lend to a friend who was raised as a christan and questions if we are reincarnated or not. Truth is no one really knows and if I had previous memories of a past life (I do not) I would still question my sanity on that as well. Why do I beleive the little boys account, because the daughter verified that the majority of his statements were true. That backs up his claim, and the child lives in a rural area and he does not appear to be worldly, like children in larger cities do.

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