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7 years ago  ::  Apr 23, 2011 - 10:27AM #1
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God is not an obtainable thing –it is become able

God is not anything obtainable; –it is become able for us. In fact, this universe existence is real God, and we are staying in –as a part of it. It is not possible to get God separately.

God is the highest conscious existence of this great world. Of which body is the entire universe, and there is a greatest conscious mind in this body, –that is God mind.

We are staying in between child to teenaged God conscious stage. Some of us are child God and some are teenaged God. We have to advance so far. At first we have to be proper human being, after that we have to attain godliness (Deva/Devata) and at last we will become God. Child to adolescent, adolescent to a youth. When we shall attain youth, many responsibilities will entrust on us.

Now, just after becoming God, it is impossible to keep up one’s individual existence any longer. Just after becoming the same in all respects, then it is not possible to exist separately.

By the feeling of same soul, –by the powerful attraction of attainment of oneness –that one and God become unified without delay.



  • To know about the real Go in detail and about yourself –in your own reality, please read ‘MahaVad’.  

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7 years ago  ::  Apr 24, 2011 - 1:28AM #2
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I appreciate your view. It is the view-point of 'MahaDharma' and its doctrine 'MahaVad'.

Dr. Ray
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7 years ago  ::  May 07, 2011 - 8:41AM #3
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I accept your view

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