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7 years ago  ::  Apr 09, 2011 - 10:40PM #1
Mak Tin Si
Posts: 74
Taoism is a system that teach about wisdom as it's center core.  Wisdom is not about something abstract or something you cannot see, it's actually very simply easy to understand and that is more and more and more learning of knowledge.  To have wisdom, you must learn.  In Buddhism, people talk abuot wisdom in another way, which they go so abstract and so on.  In Taoism, no, that's not how we are.  To have wisdom, you must learn and you must learn more to know more.  There are no short cuts and if you are thinking that there is a way in the world that you can have wisdom by just simply meditation and so on, you are going wrong.  In Taoism, wisdom equals to more and more learning to open the mind up, more and more learning to make you think smart, more and more learning to make yourself think right.  Wisdom is very important and we must act with wisdom but not instinct.

I have read a Tibetan buddhism book before to understand more about why these Buddhist always cry for help at a certain point.  Yes, I have encountered many Buddhist who are from a large famous temple in Toronto and they called our temple for help.  These people all often end up in a big mess including ghost haunting them down, seeing ghosts, bankrupt, and they are often going very low on money, sometimes even homeless.  I am not joke, these are true students of that big huge temple.  The main reason why they are like that, I have got the answers from the book and also asking them personally.  Their master teach them to act with instinct and they often say Buddhism enlighten them and their instinct then will become always right or very accurate.  Oh gosh, this is what kills them!  No, instinct don't work and it is not a good way to do things!  You will end up in super big mess by using instinct to run your life.

If you have played video games, try using instinct to play and not your logic, I am sure you will die and go game over in a very short time!   Instinct don't work, wisdom and learning is the only way to go.  
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