Bible study. I am looking for a serious, active, married sister to conduct a study with me in not-so-traditional terms.

Let me explain...

I  am a 36 year old, married woman. My husband, our two girls (my step-daughters), and I live  with our Grandmother who is a devout Baptist and will in no way  entertain my Bible Study in her home.  I have not specifically asked her, but I am making the assumption based on things my MIL (her daughter) has said about the Witnesses as well as things I have heard first-hand at her place of worship.

I am very familiar with the Witnesses. I have been  studying off and on for many years, since age 14. At one point, in 1994, I lived with a  Sister and her family. I was an unbaptized publisher. I was going to be  baptized at the next DC. However, things didn't work out and I had to  move back home to my father's home. My late father was an atheist, and  forbid my study in his home.

To make a long story short, I want to resume my study. My husband said he will not accompany me in the study, but he will not oppose me. as long as I maintain my responsibilities and obligations at home and respect his wishes that he does not want me to include the kids in  my beliefs.

Is  there anyone here willing to study via Instant Messenger? Leaving the  house is difficult for me. I don't drive and Grandma always has to know  where we are going and when we will return.  There would be times that I would be able to meet in person...but I do not want to lie or go behind Grandma's back. 

If I have left anything out or anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

Please, serious offers only. No apostates.