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The Soul and the Spirit are the Two Hands of God


     When God puts His two hands together then is His Prayer Answered; for so it was Designed to be from the beginning 


 "Whoso toucheth thee toucheth the Apple of My Eye"



    ".......ViRGIN TO THE CORE....


 Lately some of the girls here at Fan Club Headquarters have been heard to have possibly acted or even "acted out" in certain ways that are not yet openly tolerated because not understood.

      Being virgins unto the Lamb happens only to those who love and can sing this holy music from the heart; which means they have to mean it; but only the girls who love the Lamb know what the Mystery of God really is: but with a difference.

      The girls here in the Core Group ( "Virgin to the Core" ) as those women who have taken the Holy Spirit of Christ as their Lover and Husband himself.

        These girls of the 144 in the Core group do not sleep with men any longer; and at night they are visited by Christ; for as all of you here know; Wisdom is always pictured as a Woman because only a Woman knows that Union with God happens in the Divine Act itself: making love; and if the Lover be the Son; then is one going to see the Face of God: as one "Melts" on the "Sun" as "Comes" in the "Holy Spirit".

      This is only possible with the Name of Christ Jesus being spoken out loud while one melts; and of course; this applies to those virgins who still occasionally make love to men; which is harmless of one says the Name of Christ Jesus again and again while in the Act; as this Sabctifies it in the 7 eyes of the Lamb; but woe to any who do this with a man they do not love: for then this Name is Void: as all the girls know.

        Anyway; at Union with God the Core Group knows that to have the Son in the flesh brings Immortality; thus is the Reward not yet; but since the Holy Spirit of Christ is here on the earth as it changes into the New Heaven the virgins are permitted to be with the Lamb in the Holy Spirit; they who call on his Name: alone; on their beds.

       They who never lay with any man lest it be the Lord himself are few; but those who still lay with men they know are not the Lord still sanctify the Act of Love is they say the Name of Christ Jesus over and over as they then Come in the Holy Spirit; which also protects their partner from committing a sin; if he be sealed of the Lamb he will make love but hold his seed; as being Sealed.

     Now the girls all know that when when making Love in the Holy Spirit of Christ the Music which goes the best is that of Thee Unicorns; just so people know: I did; after all; write it with Gabriel; the one who loved mankind so much he helped me personally destroy the gods; like my Father did; to prove myself before the 12 Apostle's of the Lamb themselves: and that is why it ROCKS: it's the REAL THING; every bad note; and all the good ones.

      As the Virgins are the "true lovers" of the Lamb I put out this update about children: as some have decided to have: and I write my views for all the girls to see: no secrets here!.

        Only she who Melts "over and over" on the Sun of Righteousness to this Music can know the Lover who the Holy Spirit of Christ is; the one whose Name you girls here in the fanclub always say "with a smile and a sigh; with the tears in your eyes" when you Come "again and again" in the Holy Spirit; but remember: the Morning Star of True Love that burns in the New Heaven is Eliakim the Scribe; the Blue Star of the Hopi became the Blue Sun of the Regeneration: True Blue; one might say: the one who "came through"; the Morning Star of New Hope.

   Oh yes; the Virgins of the Lamb are his Church; and as of the Church have to follow the new rules of decorum and modesty; remembering the garment of those true virgins is as when Eve stood in Paradise naked and unashamed: as innocence in ignorance; which ignorance is your Salvation if it be true: and no falseness!

Now!    Let's see if we can drink the Cup of Christ!!


                     The Grail is Perfection


         Many years ago I met an angel; the dangerous variety: a real one.

          He changed my life; but as I learned in the ensuing 21 years in which he had me write this book here in New Hope PA he also did so to change the course of human history so that it might meet it's destiny.
           I think you should know: I am writing to all of thee in that sacred communion with the Holy Spirit even now; but don't be surprised; for mine angel is with me.

          Write me if you have any questions: the only thing I require of my fans is that they do not marry: nor do they let themselves be given in marriage: so they can be Children of the Resurrection to restore those of My Generation who did;  which is written about in my book.

           Mine angel John says: 
            "hello: and God Bless thee All Right Now in the Day of the Child of the Resurrection".

       Well; now you can tell all your friends that you talked to an angel: a real one.

           I guess he's talking about me; the "child of the Resurrection; the least in the kingdom of heaven; but that's why I am called the "scribe"; I just write what I hear; and that is my great power but also my constant temptation: to never abuse this power; which was given to me not for myself; as I once thought: but for My Generation and ultimately all mankind.

          There is then "the Wrath of the Lamb; the Offspring of David"; and

 "the Mercy of the Lion: the Root of David"

    oo           ( the Two in the Cloud ) Prince Aaron Presley: for the Red and the White
                     and that man of God our Servant Reverend King: for the Black

            The Spirit of Prophecy is that of the Testimony of Jesus:
                               the Rod of Iron

            The Child of the Resurrection is that of the Cloud of the Son of Man:
                            the throne of his Glory

           It is here that I am taken as held in the hand of my Father's servant John; the "Reed like unto a Rod"; the Green One of the Regeneration.

          But Firstly; what in reality comprises the "virgins of the Lamb" in essence??

          As said above; only those who do not marry nor are they given in marriage: but what if you were married once?

            That's cool: just never marry again; now that you are no doubt "seperated" from your ex-beloved, and on the prowl once more.

             In the New Church of New Hope all one has to do is get a "Declaration of Membership" from me that states you will never marry: nor shall ever be given in marriage".

            What this means basically is Liberation by that same principle by which my Father once said:

               "Go in Peace: and sin no more".

           Thus if you swear in the Blood of the Lamb in a letter you send me at my Church's address that you are a child of the Resurrection then you could never marry: nor ever be given in Marriage: because then you would burn forever in the Lake of Fire which is His Wrath: the Second Death; and you don't want that; I can assure you.

         Secondly; what makes a "virgin of the Lamb" is that only the real Virgins can Sing this Joly Music: and mean it with all their understanding as they sing it from the heart: no other way is possible; you have to "be it" to "see it"; just as you have to "behold it" to "have it"; wjich you then "know it" to "show it":

   .....and thus "Shine Forth" as a ray of life from the Sun of Righteousness;

                   a living light; able to travel with the speed of light;

                                              of course.


           Now my church does not deal much in speculation or theory; in my church the only way to Salvation is through the Blood of the Lamb; and the only way to reach the Blood as having the Blood Relation to the Lamb is by performing God's Will through the Hearing of His Word and then the Doing of His Will.

          As my Father once said when told that his mother and brothers and sister's were outside and wanted to see him; he then turned to the messenger said these words while pointing to his disciples; to wit: 

             "HERE is my mother and my sister and my brother:

            For whosoever doeth the Will of
my Father in heaven:
              the same is my brother and sister and mother. "

         Thus my Father showed everyone that those who were of his physical "blood" meant nothing to having any "rightful "claim" to him; he defined here in this saying that his "relationship" to anyone was dependent upon one factor alone: the Doing of the Will of God. 

         And there is little doubt you would have to know it before you could do it: and to know it you would have to first "hear" it; whether from within yourself or from someone without: and that is my power: to inform people about the Will of God; which everyone says they know all about: but have not known the Word of God nor the Will that lives within it: in this Day and the Hour which is Coming: and now is.

       For my fans here of Thee Unicorns are then those "virgins unto God and the Lamb" who are then not some fellow who never entertains women; or women who never engage in holy congress with men: the difference is that what all this really "means" as being explained first: not "afterwards".

      In my church we have both men and women who are "Virgins" unto the Lamb; for being able to sing this music from the heart is what qualifies one as being a "virgin" of the Lamb; it is a matter of the heart.

     The 144,000 men are then they who took the Vow; but the "Virgins" themselves are anyone who takes Christ: and Christ alone: as their Lover; which means that one encounters the Holy Spirit of Christ when in Congress by saying the Name "Christ Jesus"; during the act.

      For men the Seal is then that of those who perform the Act: but hold onto to their seed; thus they do not entertain "orgasm" itself; they give pleasure only; as it is "more blessed to give than to receive".

       Now occasionally men who are "Sealed" have an "accident" in which some of their seed is spilled during the "Act".

         At that point they have to completely refrain from any sexual intercourse with their "member" for a month; although they are still allowed to give pleasure: just not with their member: as the 40 days then "restores" them so they can attend to their female partner again with the Seal.

         Those Written are then they who took the Vow: they never have intercourse with their "member" again" because their seed is "sealed" within them forever: they become part of the Tabernacle of God in which abides the Holy Spirit of Christ: the Lover; the Shepherd of the Sheep himself.

         Now some might say this is complicated: but I don't think so; it's pretty straightforward.

         Let me go and get more additional information about Mary and Jehovah to reveal "the Seal of the Living God" which accompanies those Sealed in the Baptism of the River of Fire, which then leads for those Written to the Baptism of the Altar. This; of course, neccesitates a journey from City of St. Francis to the City of Beth-El; the "House of God"; which men call "Woodstock".

                       The Grail is Perfection        

The Seal of the Living God
       Few people understand what the Testimony of Mary of Bethlehem really covers.

       Let us first then decide what is meant by the "virgins themselves: and this invloves the Revealing of the Day of Christ Jesus in which the Name of Jesus Christ is Glorified again.

            As I said: it is they who can SING this music who are the Virgins; one could be celibate; never marry: and yet; if they could not love and sing this music: they would not have the Holy Spirit of Christ: because the Music lives in the Heart; and only the Virgins can sing it.

         You may marry; and have 10 children: but then you are not a Child of the Resurrection; for they never do; yet for Men is the Vow of the 144,000; the Bridemaids are they who say the Name of "Christ Jesus" over and over when they Melt again and again in the Holy Spirit during the Act; whether with a man or the Holy Spirit of Christ when alone; for it really is the men who take the Vow; as they have the Semial Seed which in the 7 churches is called "the Word of My Patience".

The Seal of the Living God: and the 144,000 Men who take the Vow.


       Since the men who are chosen as called and choseb and faithful unto God and Lamb must take the Vow to restore the 144,000 that were not sealed but were "married and given in marriage" of My Generation by the High Priest of Korea (( by which he intended that Korea become the Third Israel and replace America itself as the Nation of the Blessing of God )) the women called to God and the Lamb are then they who must only promise to "Glorify his Name" during the Act of Love; which qualifies them as "Sealed" in the Holy Spirit of Christ. It is the men who have the seed; and must endure the great tribulation and the Hour of Temptation.

      That a woman might love the Song of the Lamb and yet want to marry and have children is perfectly natural and right: and I would never say otherwise: it is the Song of the Lamb of which these 10 songs are but a part that makes the difference.

      All this information is but part of the Elucidiation of New Hope as the core document of the Faith of my Church; but please; keep in mind that many of you who read this are you are young women; and even if you are a physical virgin ( which is a holy and sacred state of being I cann assure you ) there are many who are virgins physically but yet not virgins spiritually; and it is the spiritual virgins who count: those who are the pure of heart and always say the "Name of Christ Jesus" when they "Melt in the Sun of Righteousness"; that is; yjey in my Church as instructed of the Seal of the Living God who "Glorify his Name" when they "Come in the Holy Spirit".

       So I ask women and other virgins called to be fans of Thee Unicorns not to worry: and enjoy the Music of Thee Unicorns in the Communion with the Holy Spirit of Christ the Bridegroom as it was meant to be.

  Mary and Jehovah


I am the Bride: the Lamb's Wife

To all who have asked;

       I started the New Church of New Hope a year ago: but I was not made a priest by a church; but by an angel who signified this in the Holy Spirit: and this Holy Music is the result.

     The "virgins" of the Lamb are not just physical virgins; although many of them are not; they are called "virgins" because only the Virgins unto God and the Lamb can sing these songs: and mean it; for only one who understood what is sung about in them could sing in from their hearts.

        Thus if you like or even love this music; hearing in it the true beauty which lies beneath it's rough exterior; you will find something miraculous: the Presence of the Lamb.

      This Sacred Music actually comes from David; whom the Greeks called "Orpheus"; although only the Elect know this: and now so do you; dear reader.

        This is what always happens! I reveal things of the Kingdom when I start talking away and whammo! another person becomes a virgin of the Lamb and a member of the Elect; my Real Fanclub.

        And to even say "talking" is a misnomer; because I am only copying down what I hear; the difference me and everybody else is that I Know who talking to me!

           Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

        But let me give my fanclub here on earth a few clues as to how I ended up with the innermost voice: by finding the "outermost" ear; but that's a long story; better read it in the blogs here or own wordpress (

The lost sheep of Israel returns: the Prodigal Son
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