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5 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2010 - 12:16AM #1
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Hi, are there any holidays of New Age?

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5 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2010 - 12:54PM #2
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"to celebrate the journey of the One Ring of Sauron and the Battle for Middle Earth (Mediterranean)."


There are no official holidays that I'm aware of Omegazon.  I've informally met with others on the solstices for drumming circles, but this is the closest, which is still far, from an official holiday I can think of.  Also occasionally, people will meet at set times to pray / visualize together for peace to prevail.

To me it's more important to share time with family and friends, than the actual holiday itself. So personally not being bound to any particular faith, I'll still gather and celebrate with them, during their own traditional religious holidays and rituals, as long as it's not causing anyone harm.

Alternatively, since there are no official authoritative new age teachings, you can also make your own holiday!  Perhaps you and maybe even some friends can set aside regular time, during the day, week, month, or year, and make it a special occasion for whatever reason you wish.

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4 years ago  ::  Oct 06, 2011 - 2:36PM #3
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Again, another mistake.  We must be informed that no religoius holiday is official -- that is, unless it's cultural.  For example, most retailers and public services in the United States are closed for Easter and Christmas.  This is due to the fact that the majority of Americans are Protestant, and thus the concept of Christian recognition.  Catholic, Jewish and New Age holidays are not official due to the religious minority yet they are reserved in certain countries.

These are the New Age holidays:

  • Candlemas: (Febuary 2) To celebrate the ascention of Morgan LaFey, the founder of the New Age (in the 10th century).  It is celebrated with a feast and peppermints placed at the center of the table.  The peppermints symbolize the realm of Heaven.
  • Beltaine: (May 1) To celebrate the apologetics of Morgan LaFey.  It is celebrated with a feast and jellybeans placed at the center of the table.  The jellybeans represent the miracles accompanied by Morgan.
  • Lammas: (August 31) To celebrate the atonement of Morgan LaFey.  It is celebrated with a feast and chocolate drops placed at the center of the table.  The chocolate drops represent the sins inherent by Adam and Eve according to Christian lore.
  • Halloween: (October 31) To celebrate the arrival of Morgan LaFey.  It is celebrated with a party and a feast, into which candy corn is placed at the center of the table.  The candy corn represents the innnocence of Morgan LaFey.  The reason for the Halloween decorations is to honor the Celtic heritage of the holiday.

Yule is the holy month of fasting which lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.  After the fasting period comes Yuletide, into which New Agers feast like crazy.

Hope this will help.

Mew Xacata

P.S. The New Age (as a religion) was founded in the 10th century by Morgan LaFey but did not become established until 1979.  It used to be a holiday tradition.

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2 years ago  ::  Jul 24, 2013 - 12:46PM #4
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The New Age holidays are as follows:

Candlemas: Celebrating Creation with meatless dinners.
Maybeleen: Celebrating Ravenheart's birth and adoption with banquets.
Lughnomas: Celebrating the Great Harvest with a potluck dinner.
Halloween: to celebrate the end of the New Age calendar and the death of Ravenheart with a dinner party.

Yule is the 21-day period of fasting into which ends Christmas Eve.

Candlemas is February 2.  Maybeleen is May 1.  Lughnomas is August 31.  Halloween is October31.  Yule is from December 3 to December 24.
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