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Switch to Forum Live View We are the I AM, as said in the Psalms and New Testament.
7 years ago  ::  Aug 12, 2011 - 9:08PM #11
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Good thoughts and concepts. I feel to unite the old and new that Jesus requested to be baptized by John the Baptist to show us the way. John the Baptist was baptizing his initiates into the ecstasy of simply being alive, a dedication to the 'pure I'. In the ‘pure I’ part of the mind we contemplate and feel the bliss of just being alive or we can say we are one hundred percent alive. In this part of the mind the desire for God is without doubt, without reservation and continuous until it transforms us from being hostage to the world to being children of divine consciousness. It is not enough to be ninety percent alive; we want to be one hundred percent happy. "I and the Lord are one." I and the pure consciousness of everything is one. The highest wisdom is to intuitively perceive the truth and to arrive at the spiritual realization that God and man are absolutely united. Great thread

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