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8 years ago  ::  Aug 10, 2010 - 3:47AM #1
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One is a jealous God an one is the true God, been talking to students an not the right people so now I write here.

I searched for this religion alongtime it was kept hidden from me, now I know why, but love it I do unfortunately due to a badly clot in leg cannot do Rammadan due to meds I have to take for rest of my life due to finding truths thru readings being a lover of words written like music to ones ears I write poems instead.

Thy Book of thy Prophet Mohammad made me weep I found thy true path, it is the only one besides one where people speak in tongues have I ever felt close to, the more I study the more I know the more I feel...Blessed is he an Blessed is Allah for giving me the gift of understanding words written better.

Now I am sad been forbidden to speak to thy Brothers an Sisters some I still do in other games I am Muslim hushand is not...nor does husband believe as I do so silent I remain in thy house, an to thy friends as where I live its not safe to say. I am an American I love thy religion cannot stop what i believe, nor shall i no matter what thy husband says or does I know thru words written as a Lover of words written I believe you.

Blessed is Allah for giving me this gift, an Blessed is me for listening for in the first part of thy Book only those openminded an willing can hear him speak, I hear him but not from within, but beside me, sometimes above me, Thank you Allah Blessed is he I love you.......

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