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8 years ago  ::  Apr 30, 2010 - 5:27PM #1
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A question for practioners - do you make some kind of personal connection those whom you may "treat?" (I use that word for lack of any other that susinctly describes what I'm trying to say).

Perhaps that is too intimate a question. I would ask forgiveness of my ignorance if that's the case.

Interpret "personal connection" as you will. But, I'm not talking about the casual commonalities (i.e. we both like the Pittsburgh Steelers). Perhaps "something" that happens at the quantum emotional level (quantum, meaning, just like in physics - elemental but behaves in completely unexpected ways.).

I have other questions and notions regarding this concept, but I don't want to go there just yet -- for fear of being to intimate in the reverse way (exposing myself... so to speak).

Thank you.... respects and peace


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8 years ago  ::  May 01, 2010 - 3:47PM #2
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Green writes... intimate in the reverse way 

Been sittin' with your initial question all day, Green -
mostly because of that very issue --
me and my privacy, right?

Okay -
given MR and all,
let's see what I can do ...

you ask: do you make some kind of personal connection
those whom you may "treat?" (I use that word for lack of any other
that susinctly describes what I'm trying to say).

IME, yes ... absolutely -

I first find the person  ...

---and here I'm already at a loss for words -
I know whichever words I choose
will put in place the gallows of judgement,
so let me say it this way ...

IME these phrases:
in the dreamtime,
during journey,
while in trance
all refer to the same process which,
in and of itself may,
 to outsiders,
look different from practitioner to practitioner -
but isn't ...

of course, this leaves open to languge faults
the question of who among us is authentic and who is not?  -
to which I hereby propose as appropriate this response:
authenticity is measured by results.
If you're clients are happy,
then you must be doing something right...

Okay ...
having said all that ...
'finding the person' (for me in the dreamtime typically)
is the first part of a connection for the purpose of treatment -
sometimes that connection will go further and more deeply -
but often a dreamtime visual is sufficient ...
for me visual connections inadvertantly trigger emotional responses,
from past lives,
from energetic imprints,
from helpers insight,
and always they are spontaneous -
which, for some of us, is the culture of our medicine ...
*winking to my friend across the pond*

Now, after the visual connection is made,
the next step, if there is one, would be the set-up
of some kind of energetic connection  -
to exchange healing, knowledge, energy --
It is at this point that I can see whether that energetic connection
might be better driven by some medium other than myself,
for instance, herbs or such ...

At this point the connection with my client grows
to include the helpers of the healing process ...
some helpers step forward voluntarily,
some make me hunt for them,
and in the hunt I usually discover better means
to reach the client's ends...

*huge sigh*

Wow, that was an interesting exercise,
putting all that into words...

Thanks, Green -
don't know if it makes any sense to y'all,
but for me, to see it in words,
'way cool!

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8 years ago  ::  May 05, 2010 - 11:06PM #3
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I have many which contact me, more in the world outside this wonderful on line mailbox. when Ive done the work most go away nicely, those I make life long relationships with are those I appreciate. Those I have watched and can trust are great assets to me as my helpers, we are all Human beings, or at least half, and so we all need help from time to time, that's not easy for those who happen to be very well versed. This makes these hard to find Spirit Friends invaluable to me.

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