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8 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2010 - 3:27AM #1
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Dear All,


I have been attracted to Christianity for many  years now. The issue is that I am of a sceptical nature and only really  travel down that path when my life is not so crash hot. Please tell me  how I can develop faith and really take this whole thing seriously? What  is a good first point to practice in order to see if I can be a  Christian?




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8 years ago  ::  Apr 01, 2010 - 4:56AM #2
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Many people are skeptical where it pertains to Christianity and you are not alone in that sense.Christianity has been battered and human society has invented so many philosophies in vain hope of giving meaning to life without God. The key then is  the desire to get back to the true Christian faith which begins with having a relationship with God.This takes us back to the study of the Word of God which gives clear insight as to what was in the beginning, what is to come and what we can expect at the end of time.The bible sheds light on the very nature of God who controls the universe and sent His only Son to die so that we can be saved. The first step in knowing this God begins with us realizing that we are  sinners. After which we confess our sins and ask Jesus to come into our hearts. As we continue to study the Word of God,we  begin to develop faith and trust in the one who sustains us and takes care of all that concerns us.

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8 years ago  ::  Apr 03, 2010 - 3:21PM #3
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You are by no means the first or only one in this position. Belief and faith are both words which mean trust. Trust is not based merely on what you can logically or empirically prove. Faith is trusting the evidence, even when it may not be 100% conclusive, to be true.

There is a famous prayer that addresses this dilemma. "Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief."

We don't trust in God. We trust God, as revealed through His son Jesus Christ, as fully as we can; and God makes up for the difference. It is not merely intellectual assent to a set of doctrines (no matter how true those doctrines may be).  It is having confidence in the one in Whom you believe. When the Psalmist says, "O God, you are my Rock and my salvation", he is saying that it is not the strength of our passion in believing in God, but the security and solidity of the one in whom we have our trust.

You are unique.
Just like everybody else.
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8 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2010 - 4:41PM #4
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It is my Heart-felt Prayer, that my passages, will inspire and rejuvenate all who read them.  I Pray, we continue our Arduous Task, of reaching out to others, in our Hopes of converting them, to our Christ's Cause.  What our Living God desires most, is our present Love, without us feeling as if we are wasting potentially productive time!....


This is what friends do together, they spend time with one another.  Simply being together is enough, without expecting to get something from our interaction.  It is no different, with our Maker.  Jesus, bridges Heaven and Earth, the human with the Divine.  In Jesus, our Creator is present.  This is the Truth of Emmanuel,...(God, with us!).


The Gospels, provide wonderfully rich opportunities to meet Jesus, once we learn how to use them, in this manner.  Our God, gave us Jesus, so that we could gaze upon Him, and thereby come to know God.  This Omnipresent Creator, is not distant, but nearer to us, than we can imagine.  He is not alien to the circumstances of our Lives, but comes to us, them!...


Our challenge, is to unmask this Divine Deity in the natural, and name the presence of God, in our Lives,  It is relatively easy, to meet our maker, in moments of Joy or Bliss.  In these situations, we correctly count ourselves, blessed by God.  The real challenge, is to believe that this is also true, and to know God's presence, in our midst of doubt, depression, anxiety, conflict or even failure!....


The only way we are acceptable to our Living God, is through Christ, our mediator between God and mankind...(1st. Timothy 2:5-6).  Many non-believers, think that our Bible, is outdated and full of myths.  Our way of Life, can prove them wrong.  Ask Jesus, for opportunities to share your testimony.  Doors, will be opened for you.  This is my share,...what's yours?....


Seeing a friend or Loved one, come to know Jesus Christ, has dividends, which we collect on, we meet in the Eternity.  Hatred blinds.  We must win rulers, political, economic, scientific, as well, artistic personalities.  These are the Engineers of Souls.  They mold the Souls of mankind.  Winning them, we win the people they lead and influence.  So great, is the impact of leaders!...


A man or woman, really believes not what they recite, in his or her creed, but only the things he or she, is ready to die for.  Our words, grow out of the need of society to understand each other, in common production of the things necessary to Life, and to experss their feelings, toward one another.  There are not enough words, to express in an adequate manner, the mysteries of our Maker, nor the heights of Spiritual Living!....


I encourage you, to assess your Life,...honestly.  What is hindering your walk with Almighty God?....  Experience a fresh, new season of Spiritual growth.  Search your anxious thoughts and hurtful ways.  Pray, to be led unto His everlasting path.  Some believe that Jesus died only for,..."The Elect",...or a chosen few!....


Our Holy Scriptures say, He is the propitiation, (Atonement), for our sins, and I believe the Whole World, is included...(1st. John 2:2),...if only they believe!....


Your Friend,

Believing Wholeheartedly;

The Truth, The Life, and The Way!....


Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...)


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8 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2010 - 4:43PM #5
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The following, are some of the reasons why New Age thought and Eastern Religions, are ("Not"),...compatible with Biblical Christianity!....


According to New Age and Eastern thought,....knowledge comes about through two modes:  First, through Self-Awareness, looking within oneself, and second, through guidance from Spiritually Enlightened,...("Gurus"),...and/or Teachers, who claim to have a,..."Complete",...understanding of our Living God!....  These modes of arriving at Truth, are in direct opposition, to the Christian Mode of arriving, Truth.  With Christianity, we are never called, to look within ourselves, for the answers.  The Bible warns, of the Futility of Human reasoning and understanding!....(Proverbs 3:5-6;...Psalm 14:3:...Romans 3:11;...1st. Corinthians 1:21),...and warns of the Foolishness of Trusting our own Heart!.....


Consider the following Proverb,..."He who Trusts in his own Heart, is a Fool"...(Proverbs 28:26)...  Scripture describes the Mind, as Evil!....(Genesis 6:5),...  Deceitful and Desperately Wicked!....(Jeremiah 17:9),...  Suppressing the Truth!....(Romans 1:18),...  Foolish!....(Romans 1:21),...and incapable of Pleasing God!....(Romans 8:8)...  In addition, when it comes to looking for others, for Spiritual Guidance, we need to have Discernment.  There are many Self-Professing Prophets or Spokespersons, for God.  How do we know, which of these individuals, are True Spiritual Teachers?....


We cannot appeal to experience alone, as the Sole determiner, in identifying who is Truly a Spiritual Guide for God, simply because our Human experience is Finite, and does ("Not"),...have the capacity by itself, to determine Truth!....  Our Bible, never appeals to the experience of a Prophet, to authenticate its True identity.  Instead, the Bible provides us, with some objective guidelines, to be able to discern who is Truly from God.  Our Bible, identifies that False Prophets, actually exist!....(Matt. 7:15;...24:23-25;....  Mark 13:21-22;...  2nd. Thessalonians 2:3;...  2nd. Peter 2:1-2;...  1st. John 2:18)...


Thus, the Bible gives us, the following guidelines, to discern between True and False Prophets,...their Doctrines,...the Accuracy of their predictions, and their Fruit!....(Deuteronomy 13:1-3;... 18:21-22;... and Matt. 7:15-20)...  Since we are not to look within, or to the experience of others, as the "Determiner",...of Truth;  what then,...are we to look for, in understanding who God is, and what He requires of us?....  We are to look, to our Bible, as the Final and Ultimate Source, in determining Truth.  Psalm 119, echoes this Reality.  His precepts, give understanding.  His Word, gives Light and is a Lamp unto our feet, and a Light to our Path.  The Sum of the Word is,...Truth!....(Psalm 119:104, 105, 130, 160)...  The Apostle Paul, echoes a similar sentiment, in his letter to Timothy:..."All Scripture, is inspired by God, and Profitable for Teaching,...for Reproof,...for Correction,...for Training in Righteousness;... so that the Man of God, may be adequately equipped, for every Good Work!"....(2nd. Timothy 3:16-17)...


Added to this,...Truth rests in a person.  This person is,...("Jesus Christ!"),...of our Bible.


Your Brother,

Telling His Truths;

And Bringing You, No Fallacies!....


Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...)

9439 San Jose Blvd.

Ste. # 159

Jax., Fla.   32257


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