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8 years ago  ::  Mar 31, 2010 - 4:31PM #1
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The Case for Unified Deism


To traverse the turbulent sea of division, contradiction, and doubt that separates the human spirit from its aspirations, mankind seeks a new way to achieve the harmony and serenity we so long to embrace. The faiths of Abraham, which have long nurtured and served humankind, have begun to weaken and tarnish, victims of our partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. These systems of belief appear to no longer be capable of bridging the gulf. They often serve as a barrier rather than a bridge to the spiritual knowledge we seek. Myth and fable no longer satisfy in this age of science. Faith cannot stand against fact. 

The free flow of knowledge and the progression of scientific discovery have uncovered a beacon of inclusion, agreement, and reasonable belief that shines for all. Unified Deism is a philosophy that recognizes the fact that the greater part of humanity believes in God and provides for those who believe a system that unites science and religion and gives us reasonable hope and optimism that something awaits beyond this life. 

For all of our accumulated knowledge, there is little in this life that we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and proving that God exists is a challenge that we mere humans struggle to meet. The Creator is more complex than anything we know, and no single argument is adequate for proving the existence of God. The mountain of evidence, however, that there is a greater power overwhelms us, especially if, like most people, we are inclined to believe. The enormous weight of the data compels us to conclude that God is and always has been. We cannot discount as mere coincidence the order and beauty revealed in the act of the creation, the precision of the cosmos, the undefiable laws of nature. We are filled with awe by the creation of life from lifelessness, the inexorable advancement of all species through the process of evolution, the complex and mysterious code of life and our very own consciousness. When we consider the volume of evidence, Deists simply cannot accept that all this is random chance. The notion that all this complexity and order "just happened" overwhelms our common sense and inspires us to seek the source of this wonder. 

Much as Lady Justice weighs the competing claims in her quest for the truth, we assess the facts as we know them and observe that the scales are tipping in the direction of reasoned belief. And though we know of no way to absolutely prove God’s existence, our efforts make it clear that belief is a reasonable and rational conclusion.

We believe in freedom for all, so we present our case and let the world judge for itself. And so we ask, "does God matter?" And our collective mind answers, "Yes!" God has been a central figure throughout humanity's history and philosophy. There is no reason to believe God will step down from that role anytime soon. It is becoming increasingly clear that mankind is predisposed to believe in God. Belief is a part of our human nature, but our concept of God is evolving just as our species has developed and advanced in other ways. For we have partaken of the fruit, and we see clearly that the old ways are fading. 

Belief is everywhere, and denying it requires a faith that is blind. Many are seeking the satisfaction of a reasoned faith that will satisfy their hunger for meaning. Unified Deism has its eyes and arms open wide to find and welcome those with doubts and uncertainty. Let the light of knowledge shine down upon our efforts and guide those who long to believe and be free. 

Unified Deism holds these principles to be supreme and self-evident: 

  • We believe that God exists based on reflective reason, personal experience, and observation of nature. 
  • We believe that fellowship, community, and mutual respect are essential components of life. 
  • We believe our principles should evolve with societal progress and our knowledge of the universe. 

Our unifying theme lends us great strength while freeing us from the wearying burden of dogma. We believe the universe has a Creator, but the nature of that Creator is something we must all discover for ourselves. While we may choose to rally around a central consensus, we expect all will continuously adapt their understanding of God as their knowledge of the universe grows. We stand united, armed with patience and perseverance, drawing upon all the wisdom we can muster. Unified Deism can help put humanity on an even keel and enable each of us to chart a steady course away from the rocky shores of dogma and the treacherous currents of fundamentalism. We hope that all people choose their own best path and find contentment and spirituality in their lives. We invite all who love freedom to join us as we set our course, seeking our purpose, greater understanding, and a better sense of inclusiveness.

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