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Switch to Forum Live View Did Jesus examine the JW's in 1918-1919?
7 years ago  ::  Sep 01, 2010 - 3:57PM #21
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Many do not share the JW viewpoint but one thing everyone recognizes to be a truism is "History repeats itself". Before 1914 Brother Russell and the Bible Students were publicly preaching, just like we do today. They were preaching Armageddon was about to happen, just like we have been doing today. And the Bible Students were shown to be wrong, just like many people persist in thinking we are also wrong today. The pattern is being followed.

The DVD that is now being released to Witnesses, I don't know if it's being presented to the public as yet... in that Out of Darkness DVD they relate how peaceful the world was the summer before World War I started. We should expect that to be followed also in the near future as we continue alerting people Armageddon comes very soon.

 Plus in addition to the pattern there's also 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 3 comes right out and says it anyway => <> It looks very clear we're about to watch Bible Prophecy unfold before our eyes, with a big party and then be introduced to some whitewater rafting. I have good reason to know why these things cannot be avoided [or work out any differently] but I will stand down at this point and let the senior brothers of the FDS, who have been doing this longer than me, decide when and if that reason is proper to be released. It isn't my call.

One point => Noah didn't throw anyone drowning a life preserver.

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 02, 2010 - 10:02AM #22
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Just before falling asleep last night I heard on my radio, Obama was speaking, very boldly saying the phrase Peace and Security. It is not the first time he has done that. No doubt his controlling mentors of the shadow government are telling him to do so? Or maybe his "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright the not-so-ex Marine is dictating the script? The Bible states at 1 Th. 5 vs 3 that when this begins to happen A LOT "destruction will be INSTANTLY upon them". They are dipping their toe in the water and finding out no divine crocodile is biting it.

Is the crocodile dead, asleep~napping, off somewhere else in the universe and doesn't care any more what we half-breed, DNA-scrambled human rejects are doing? The only way to find out is to keep dipping the toe. Very interesting. A great many religious folk want the "Rapture" to go ahead and happen so it could be some of the world's most powerful religious leaders & the Pope are egging Mr. Obama on...

 That is not difficult to imagine at all. How long can anyone stand outside the candy store door waiting for the door to open before deciding the store must be out of candy, went bankrupt, or its owner was robbed during the night and lay dead on the stockroom floor? This is beginning to look like a replay of the 1849 Gold Rush. The 1929 bank collapse? The only way to answer this question is to break in the door.

But that takes an adult. Perhaps President Obama will be that adult having the intestinal fortitude to be a Common Man's Messiah, and do the deed someone has to do. Becoming President really is a type of anointing anyway. The hero of the college crowd, the Oval Office mandate and gavel in his hand, has he any other choice? He does.

We could continue traveling through this replay of the 20th century at our current ludicrously Plodding Speed. But if we want the 21st century to begin someone has to be adult enough to put their foot down, mash the gas and drive over the Bible => a 66 centimeter wide speed bump made of old superstition-laden parchment. Harrison Ford Obama, reach for the goblet or doom all mankind to 90 more years of Crude Oil Slavery. Somebody pass me another slice of watermelon pleez.

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 02, 2010 - 9:39PM #23
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Mar 23, 2010 -- 9:03PM, Steve wrote:

I've recently read that the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus examined their teaching (and others) in 1918-1919 and they came out as the only ones approved. Is this what the Witnesses believe and if so could someone explain it to me accurately? I prefer it be a faithful Jehovah's Witness.


It wasn't the beliefs per se. It was their willingness to support His  kingdom and separate from the churches that would not do so. It is similar to the first century Christians. They to had mistaken beliefs, like Jesus would come back right away, that circumcision was still needed, opposers from within, like Hymaneaus and Philetus. It wasn't the teachings it was a willing heart. Look at what the majority of the Churches had just supported. WWI and the killing of their own brothers and support for man's kingdoms, not Gods. These same churches then claimed brotherhood with each other. Kinda like the opposing Scribes and Pharisees, who rejected Jesus as messiah and persecuted his followers, claiming they had no king but Caesar.

The Christian congregation grew and got rid of the mistaken and false beliefs and also separated from Judaism, which had been God's people until then. They stood alone as really being God's people. Not based on claims but on the evidence of following Jesus' directives and example. Not based on 100% accurate beliefs but a willingness to change when it was seen they were wrong. A willingness to remove wrongdoers who were not repentant and only accept them in fellowship if they later were repentant. Evidence they were not part of the world around them in practice or allegiance.

The same was seen by God in the last century, in the Bible Students who BECAME Jehovah's Witnesses. kinda like the believers weren't called Christians right away.

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 06, 2010 - 12:12PM #24
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Only with Great Mercy and Forgiveness will any be saved. We each have to find our gift(s) that satisfies the mandate of "having plenty to do in the work of the Lord" as long as it IS the "Lord's Work". I rather doubt Brother Charles Russell was running a door-to-door steeplechase in his last 10+ years while having heart failure that ended his life so young. Would anyone argue he had failed to do his job?

Each of us is a cog in Jehovah's machine.

Each with his or her particular gifts will be useful in the New System.

I look forward to that day with great anticipation.

Be careful how you judge others.

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 12, 2010 - 1:09PM #25
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Since yesterday was the Remembrance day for those who died on "9-1-1" = September 11, 2001, and the horror of that day, thought I would come in and deviate a bit off the topic with my few thoughts about America's future, how we got here or something interesting maybe, to somebody; plus some expanding on my previous post where I stated "I went into prison on March 27 1989".

Pain and death are a tough row to hoe. We all feel the loss when important people die, and every single individual who died in the World Trade Centers as they collapsed into the ground was very important. Many if not most of those people were very dear to others. Will we ever be with them -and they back with us- again? Yes! Just as Lazarus, Jesus' friend, walked alive from a tomb in front of many eyewitnesses and family, Yes! Will we recognize them? Of course. They recognized Lazarus!

All Jesus has to do, now that he is a reigning king, is call the person's name and Jehovah's power will do the resurrecting again. That kingdom has already begun operation as of 1914 at the end of the "seven times". Many prophecies since that time and before when it was foretold to us to happen, have gone "under the wire". So few prophecies are left we know we are in a very blessed time and near to that day when we will be the eyewitnesses!

Sometimes people may not realize this but Jehovah's Witnesses live a 9-1-1 well, most every day actually, some more, some less, but we live through it. And the next day we wake up to it again. I have personally been subjected to a horror you may not know is being done against a United States-born citizen. When I learned skills to provide for my family, two of them a certified genius each in their own way, who should have been mentored properly and become extremely contributing citizens & taxpayers, my attempts to turn those good and valuable skills into a business were purposely thwarted.

Horror? Yes. Watching your family being trashed alive day by day is a horror that exceeds the deaths of any 9-1-1. In this land that brags of Freedom and Equality, and Possibility, I saw my 3 sons with abilities much greater than my own, including all my zero emissions engine systems, and power from lightning and Gravity also, I was held back and down one way and another, at first being told take a ticket to the back of the bus we have to help the downtrodden first (Affirmative Action), but if it hadn't been that it would've been something else because in the years and decades that followed yep, it was always something else.

A government and system that can and did do to my children the horrors every day of their lives, horrors you would not do to dogs, that system of government has failed. Instead of protecting its citizens by availing itself of genius and what they could do to improve U.S. citizens & taxpayer's lives a wall was placed in front of me to protect you from my religion. So while the memory of "the" 9-1-1 goes into another year of mothballs I somehow find myself wondering, because when I was a child I went through school jumping every hoop, saying the Pledge of Allegiance twice each day and starting the day with a Baptist-approved Prayer, just like they said do.

None of that mattered. I had bent my knee to the wrong gods for 17 years.

I also accepted the rest of the package, the one that said we had the best most caring doctors in the world. Like many I never saw a dentist til I was 15. My family was rather poor so in the winters we ran out of fuel oil about the time it really got cold, and Mom being White was too proud to ask for help or Food Stamps. When came time to see doctors at first they were good, and a few through the years, also good, but after my accidents in '86 and '89 when I needed a little time and expertise to get back to working condition they all decided they didn't have time. Hmm well, to be completely truthful they staged sessions with "therapists" who loyalty to the Commonwealth of Virginia dictated they try to trap me as faking my multiple-disabling injuries.

That was the Worker's Compensation offering of "help". Virginia does it to all their taxpayers who make the mistake of getting hurt on-the-job. Now before you go saying that sounds like whining well, for 21 years I have drawn a disability check (some your monies) when with their help I should've been paying taxes, educating my boys to do more than they are now which in the great circle of Life is the way this country still brags it makes possible. What has been possible to my way of thinking and scientific observation, the conclusion of the matter is more horror... for I have found hatred in the land. Beig unable to doctor my few medical issues from accidents the doctors began preparing a secret database profile on me as if a CIA dossier compiling their false accusations and conclusions based on a patient they have never even taken a full Patient History of me til this very day. Since they never followed proper medical procedures that would have led to restoring me to my Family these do-nothing clock punchers made this damning patient profile of Hate to protect them from a possible malpractice lawsuit.

They worked very hard at that, and also worked very hard to destroy my Credit Rating and beat me into the very ground with a vengeance & hatred that defies description just as much as the World Trade Towers being destroyed in such a savage manner as happened these few years ago. Doctors and physicians in Roanoke VA had no reason to do all that because years ago they made their backroom laws and agreements amongst themselves with their lawyer buddies to never pay any malpractice payments to any harmed patients in Virginia, much less their destroyed families. The result speaks too, they barely ever lose 3% of lawsuits filed against them, and the ones they do lose pays a pitiable amt to patients they harmed.

Finally in 2002 I realized they were not even trying to assist me and during one doctor visit that sudden realization threw me into a catatonic brain death shutdown, sitting in the doctor's exam room as he was typing into the dossier. It slammed me so hard my brain stopped functioning, my senses stopped functioning, and everything went black with no sense of passage of time. I came out of it to find the doctor no longer here no, wait, he had moved. I had not heard him move. Was he frantically summoning a crash cart? No. He casually glances down to his watch and sez to me calmly "Mr. Riley, you've been gone for exactly 3 minutes". Thrown into the grave with my Lord Jesus? In a doctor's office?!

That was it. A few minutes later he's patting my shoulder seeing me to the door and I was walking out to my 3,000 POUND AUTOMOBILE to drive 8 miles on the INTERSTATE beside cars with families who in my opinion deserved better company. But thank God in Heaven he had survived another malpractice strafing run.

9-1-1 has went by every day like this day in 2002 a horror of being prejudiced and having been attempted murders against me by the premeditated, colluded and deliberate conspiracy the denial of medical care. America. America the Beautiful we sang in classrooms across America growing up, believing the brainwashing lie. I believed like every other kid did and I still got stomped into US soil.

However, that is all past now, for me. It's still your Present.

I fought a good battle considering I had no thyroid energy at all.

If America is the world's best hope, this world is in the tank wit sharks.

Money-grubbing killer sharks that destroy any family gets in their way (bothers em).

My money is on the Bible promise. Won't be long now. My King comes, and he is like Jehu,

driving like a mad man. You have my condolences if this is your prize pig at the Fair.

If you only knew how much Green Energy blessings has been kept from you.

Let the dead bury their dead has more meaning now.

Too late now friends; the dye is cast. 

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 23, 2010 - 7:37PM #26
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Politicians are baby anti-christs. They call us to their river but it does not contain the water of life. Some politicians rise so far above us they look like stars to us but, they are the stars who are falling now. Ted Kennedy was a star like that, a so-called Catholic, but when he died his star fell too when it became common knowledge he had sacked over 1,000 women, many married.

Jesus said watch out for the false christs that would arise and mislead many but he did NOT say they would be religious copies of him. We've always taken that to mean other men falsely proclaiming to be "the" christ => Christ Jesus, a religious false leader. Perhaps we were all wrong. Many politicians arise and draw off groups of voter~disciples even today, there's one group that's fallen for Sarah Palin to be their deliverer christ their leader, so they split off chasing her skirt to touch it and be healed, as if she could be the Christ they've been waiting for! The same treatment has been accorded to Al Gore and various other political people.

Why should that raise our red flags? Okay, because the AntiChrist is to be a large political organization. We think it was the League of Nations that "died" and was then come back to life as the United Nations! So the main Anti-Christ standing in Jesus place to be the saviour of this world is seen to be a combo political power.

Political people who come, flash in the pan and are then gone, those are like baby anti-christs that again Jesus called them false christs, same difference as they proclaim they don't need God's heaven-based Kingdom if only we voters would do this, or that, or vote for this one (i.e. christ deliverer) or that one.

We are drowning in false (pretend) christs! Ted Kennedy was one, til his fake "star" of light was exposed following his death that he, a proclaimed Catholic in good standing, was exposed how Kennedy had humped over 1,000 women in bed. Was good ol' boy Ted any different from Catholic priests abusing your children in their care? Many of his bed romps were married to someone else, so the halls of our government have been puked full with adulterer slimeballs.

These many false christ politicians have the people jumping back & forth like doing the cat on a hot tin roof dance.

The Bible speaks several times of a river of water of life. THAT is the river we need to walk toward, not this river of re-constituted political muckraking slime flowing with promises they can never keep, and quite frankly don't intend to as it might threaten their employment and wages and nice house and The People paid chauffered limousines and tax writeoffs. It is not the river we should seek. It has a history of failure, and to keep its citizens from seeing how awesome it is against God it keeps the strife going the wars, the endless wars that keeps everybody's patriotism peaked to full on.

Is President Obama also a false christ? Sure he is. Has he EVER publicly stated himself to be a Christian? He is perhaps a student of Bible strategy and he has some of the moves down, learned by osmosis and rote memorization skills but remember, Obama is the college crowd's messiah representing THEM, and today they are a very vocal majority extreme anti-Christians who reek and smell of Hate against the Bible and Christ Jesus.

Obama sprang from their college party anti-Christ loins. He is one of them, his inner secret of his heart to fix this planet his way. When Bible Prophecies in Joel 2:10, Acts 2:20, Matthew 24:29 and Revelation 6:12 all speak of a time the sun turns black (= Obama) and the Moon refuses to give its light (= Joe Biden) then the prophecy so many times copied FORWARD to make for darn sure we don't fail to see it alright? What happens next in that prophecy hmm?

Revelation 6 vs 12-17 tells us what happens! The "stars of heaven fall to earth" except not real stars! No, the stars who live amongst us, the uppity-ups, the have-it-alls who TAKE IT ALL. Those using the vast amounts of tax monies hoarded from taxpayers getting ready to do evil. So to make sure their voters fail to see what their right hand is doing they keep these little stew pots aka skirmish wars going and YOUR SOLDIER CHILDREN are eaten by cannibals so-to-speak. And For What? YOU? That's the line they give but in reality this is all being done to keep "The People" walking towards their false light of christ~themselves, toward their river of slavery staying slaves, falling one by one over into the hell they offer you. And your children.

Verse 16 & 17 tells us what's next, the One God and his son come with great wrath. Which side are you on? The time left to choose is reduced. You can choose the lie or you can choose Bible Truth. Imitations of false Christs or the real Christ? Ever hear Mr. Obama say I am a Christian? Anyone? Anyone?

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 23, 2010 - 8:20PM #27
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How close are we to the setting up of God's Kingdom of the heavens anyway? It was as you know set up long ago in 1914 per our understanding that the Gentile Times had ran out that year. Of course it was invisible to our human eyes but that's no big deal as there are many things our eyes cannot see.

1 Thessalonians 5 vs 3 says when people are proclaiming far & wide "Peace and Safety" that "destruction will be instantly upon them". Are people today proclaiming that has occurred? No, and they likely never will since conditions are being purposely kept messed up. It is obvious we are living inside a tire retread.

But of late they have adopted another proclamation => to fix this system of things and its environment "for the children"! HA HA Ol' Satan is pulling a semantics trick there because proclaiming Peace and Safety can come to your children if you do this or that is still the proclamation we were to take heed of.

We are drowning in false christs and drowning in Peace and Security proclamations spilling from their mouths like honeyberry wine. The prophecies remaining to fall are reduced.


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7 years ago  ::  Sep 28, 2010 - 11:23AM #28
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Brothers, sisters and friends of all Faiths!

Yesterday evening late it was revealed to me the true meaning of Adolph Hitler's Swastika design [of around 1919]. Jehovah is revealing Truth of all kinds faster and faster as He promises at Proverbs 4:18 =>

But the path of righteous people is like the light of dawn that
becomes brighter and brighter until it reaches midday.

Late last night it just came to me that I needed to research the SWASTIKA! What th' heck?! So I Googled and found two web pages here: link #1 => and link #2 => >>> I did not have to search for hours I went right to them as Jehovah's holy spirit wanted me to find. After but 3 minutes or so of quick reading down those pages the bits & pieces of informations I was wanted to see was being dished up a gloriously wonderful full plate of insight compilation, revealing to us all now what was in a dictator~madman's heart some 65 years ago dead now.

Young Adolph was sent to a Benedictine monastery school as a lad but after a few months he left. Didn't say why but maybe he was kicked out? At the entry to the school was a design that included the swastika. It was very eye-opening reading the history of swastikas as I never had a reason to do so. They were actually used over 3,000 years ago in many non-Christian (aka "pagan"] religions. Buddha was thought to leave footprints the shape of a swastika.

Here's a picture link of Adolph Hitler's swastika he designed.

Immediately it was given me to understand what young Hitler saw, what evil was in the innermost depth of his heart and mind => 91 YEARS AGO. Hitler's Swastika is like four Crosses with the top extension removed and the half crossbar removed, as if in his evilness of nature Adolph Hitler decapitated Jesus!

The top removed is like Jesus' head chopped off.

The right 1/2 bar removed is like Jesus no right arm.

The Hitler Swastika was of four half-Crosses: a show of Hate.

It has been my opinion for the past...

3 or 4 years now that Jehovah, and Christ Jesus His Word, have been using me in a special and very specific way. You can draw whatever conclusions that suit you, of course, but it has been my belief they were giving me these special insights into matters no other historians, analysts or scholars of any brand name have ever been able to see, as if their eyes were pasted over with mud til this great day.

Ever more specific then:

insights the Pope in Rome has never been given to know.

I am being used to make it crystal clear the world over

Jehovah's spirit does not inhabit the Papal Office.

I am in a sense a rock of smashing;

a rock of dirt poor health.

Jehovah is making the very rocks cry out praise God in Heaven!

Halleluiah Jehovah and His King and son Jesus. 

How close O Lord? 


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7 years ago  ::  Sep 29, 2010 - 1:22AM #29
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Aug 29, 2010 -- 5:04PM, Goodtobehomestill wrote:

Woodrow, I had overlooked your post, my apologies.  I had just gotten around to watching that DVD recently, it had been in my bag since the convention.  It helped my teenager understand that JWs didn't just pop out of the 'woodwork,' to make an awful sort of weak pun on your board name.

Welcome, nice to meet you, use your good discernment as to 'who is who.' 


WTS Bible Dictionary Insight-2 p. 1132 Truth
"Being “the spirit of the truth,” God’s holy spirit could never be the source of error but would protect Christ’s followers from doctrinal falsehoods. (Compare 1Jo 2:27; 4:1-6.)...)

Watchtower 1987 11/1 p. 29 Religion’s Tidal Wave—The Final Reckoning
Examine the religious institution to which you belong. Does what it stands for agree with the Bible in every way? If not, then your organization is part of “Babylon the Great,” or the world empire of false religion. Follow the command found at Revelation 18:4, which is: “Get out of her, my people, . . . if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.
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7 years ago  ::  Sep 29, 2010 - 2:21PM #30
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Aug 29, 2010 -- 5:04PM, Goodtobehomestill wrote:

Woodrow, ... DVD helped my teenager understand that JWs didn't just pop out of the 'woodwork..., use your good discernment as to 'who is who.'

When a person comes to know Bible Truth, to their nearby relatives ~who think business-as-usual is a solid fact of life~ they probably do feel like we have popped out of deep wood into their world as if we are capable of dimension-hopping. And in fact, that's what we do in a way. Witnesses bridge the chasm between Satan's brainwash machine and Jehovah's Kingdom.

Many people reject us because they dislike change, even if they did vote for it.

And I see what you mean about who's who too. Some women have sent me e-mails seeking companionship. They are in yet a 3rd dimension.

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