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Ficitional stories have often been used to teach values and pass understanding of certain ideals. Philosophiers and Preachers alike have used stories to help people identify with the lesson being taught. So why is it that in today's world we find ourselves ignoring the lessons taught within ficitional sources, such as movies and video games? Many great ideas and technologies have been created from fiction. Submarines, Cell Phones, Robots, the list is very long, and we have people like Gene Roddenbury and Juels Vernes to thank for the modern world we live in. But inspiration alone cannot create reality, one has to look at the individuals who dedicated themsleves to making thier dream a reality. Normal people saw something special in that ficition and set out to make it something tangible. And they have succeeded thus far, and they will continue to succeed, making steady advances so that the stories which ignited our imaginations can be lived.

Technology though is definitely not the same as Philosophy. And saying you live by a ficitional philosophy can lead to laughter and ridicule. I follow the Logical Teachings of Surak, will earn you no respect in school or anywhere else. Even at a sci-fi convention people will laugh and than slowly edge away when they realize you are serious. For some reason our society feels that because an idea is relayed through ficition that is it no longer valid. When in fact our world would benefit from the guidence of several movies, books, and video games. The Philosophy contained our ficitional world is no less valid than the philosophy found in Barnes & Nobles. Whether written by George Lucas or Aristole, the validity of the message is contain within the message, not the form in which it is delivered.

This small fact is what has kept my own philosophy alive. I live by the Jedi Circle, a philosophy based upon the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars Saga. My inpiration coming from Video Games such as Knights of the Old Republic and all Six of the Star Wars movies. I have read various Star Wars novels to further my own understanding of the ficitional Jedi and their teachings. I spent many years studying the ficition of the Jedi Knights and created my own Code to live as a Jedi in today's society. Yet having a basis of clear philosophical advancement is not enough, having lessons and structure, regulations and definitions still does not validate the philosophy. And nothing ever will, since the Jedi are ficitional and thus obviously anything related is also ficitional.

Many have made the Jedi Path a laughable cause. Census pranks, Religious Services, having their name legally changed to Obi-Wan Kenobi, and several other events. All these have only added to the statement that fiction can never be taken seriously on a philosophical level. People call the Jedi Path a religion, when it is not, calling themselves Priests of the Order, but paying for a title online and claiming to be a part of an order that does not exist only adds to the laughter. People play Jedi Healer, using "mystical" means to cure a headache, when two advil will work perfectly well. Using halloween props does not add validity either, walking around in robes and carrying a hasbro lightsaber is not going to earn Jedi Points. Being part of a militrary organization does not add validity, having Jedi stamped on your dog tags does not add validity.

The Jedi Circle provides a means for actually living as a Jedi in today's society. It is the philosophical foundation to becoming a Jedi Knight. And while Jedi of today do not carry lightsabers or wear robes, they can still follow the same code as the Jedi. Acting from a peaceful calm rather than emotionally, staying physically fit so they can help others if need be, being objective and serene even when in a hostile situation. These are a few ideas given to us by Star Wars ficition, and while comparisons can be made to other philosophical paths in our world the Jedi Path is a distinct philosophy of its own.

I am a Jedi, I train as a Jedi, and I will be laughed at for my choice to live as a Jedi. Am I a fanatic? Am I to be written off as another crazy person who cannot tell fanatsy from reality? In the end it does not matter what this world makes of me or my Path. It only matters what I do with my life, how I live my life, and I will live by the philosophy which has proven must useful to me. I am Opie Macleod, Jedi Knight.

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