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8 years ago  ::  Dec 26, 2009 - 8:17PM #1
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All these riddles were written by me since June of 2009 as Jesus gave me the words to write. They all have spiritual understanding in them. Jesus used riddles and parables to help his disciples understand his spirit that was living in him. Once you have the Holy Spirit in you, then you will understand these riddles easily because you will know the spirit world. If you don't understand any of these, don't worry because you can still enter the Kingdom of God without knowing one of them. These riddles will prove to you how important it is to have the true Holy Spirit living in you. If your curious about spiritual things, let me know and I'll help you find what your looking for.


The Kingdom is one of many, the many are one and the one is all you need.



The darkness burns the soul as the soul comes to the light, when the soul is in the light, the darkness can't get in.



The Kingdom is near and far, depending on where you stand. If you stand over here or over there, you'll miss it, but those who stood in the right place are in the Kingdom.



Some are there and some are here but we're all in one and will be over there.



One mind is enough for us all, but most minds get confused.



There is only one but that one is hard to find. When you find that one, it is an easy one.



We all are his, but we all were not, now some are and some are not.



A man looks to the sky to pray to his God. A spiritual man looks in a still pool to pray to his God.



A Kingdom of men falls and can't get up. Only those men who are in the Kingdom will rule forever.



A man goes down to the well to get a pail of water but sees the well is dry, so he doesn't drop his bucket down the well. The man right behind him drops his bucket in the well and pulls up a full pail of clean water. As he leaves, he stops to bless the man standing there with a confused look and tells him the Kingdom is near.



If you have something to give, then give it. If you don't have something to give, then don't give it. If you have everything, then you gave it all.



The life you think you have only deceives you of the life you can't see. That life is unthinkable until you're not deceived.

Two brothers meet as one and that one meets the two brothers and they all meet together.



If you're in it, treasure it. If you're out of it a ways, stay with it. If you're not in it, it's not there.



If you hear something you didn't see, then you're hearing right and that's where you have to go.



Many people desire what you have but they don't know what you have so they hate what you have because they don't have it.



If a friend offers you a ride to wherever you want to go, don't go with him. If another friend offers you a ride to where he is, then go with him and live.



Everyone who chases after eternal life ends up dead, but those who have eternal life died to get it.



The ruler of the house left the city, not to come back until the city is gone and the house is full.



A platoon of Marines were told to go destroy the enemy, but after searching for the enemy, they came back without accomplishing their mission. Their Commander asked them why they didn't destroy the enemy. The platoon leader said they became friends with the enemy so they couldn't see any reason to destroy their friends. The Commander told them to line up and cover their eyes while he destroyed them. The platoon leader cried out to the Commander asking why they're being destroyed. The Commander told him that anyone who becomes friends with the enemy becomes an enemy and the enemy was ordered to be destroyed. If you would have obeyed my commands to destroy the enemy that you made friends with, you would have spared your life and never have to worry about being destroyed.



A man without patience will do all God’s work before God comes to work in him.



A mouse can hide very well and there are many. An elephant is wiser and lives everlasting life.




To think you have understanding is an insult to the one who gives it. The understanding you get from that one is praised by someone who understands you.



Two is better than one for life.



A man without a spirit is a dead soul. A dead soul with a spirit is a man of God.



A friend is someone who believes you, waits for you, dies for you and lives in you.



The kingdom wasn’t meant for the deaf and blind to see and hear. It was meant for those who heard and now see.



A floor is like the Kingdom of God. Most people walk all over it without hearing it.



The Kingdom is for those people who weren’t looking for it. They only heard about it and then entered without looking at all.



A light shines for those who are in the dark. It’s the dark that keeps them from the light.



One year ago, I knew one thing. Now I know many things because of that one thing.



Two friends can make a big impact on the world but the world has no impact on the two friends.



Salvation was for everyone without a body.



A sinner who loves God is on his way to the truth but lies all the way there.



The first in line is the last served in this age, but the last in line are being served.



Wherever we may be is the right place for us but it’s the wrong place for them.



The Kingdom is like a see-thru mirror that most people see themselves in.



A patient man is willing to wait for life.



We love things that we can see, touch and smell more than the one we should hear, obey and follow.



A child doesn’t like taking a bath and getting cleaned but they sure love to cuddle up to their Father afterwards.



If you rely on man for your problems, you’ll end up solving his problem instead. Proud men love to solve problems.



If you fight the battle alone, you will never meet the King. Meet the King first, and he’ll fight the battle for you.



There is one that knows everything and that’s all we need to know.



One never knows until he knows he will always know.



Most people love things that are dead instead of the only thing that can make them alive.



When the kingdom comes no one will see it. Those who are in it can see everyone looking for it. When they're invited in, they can't see the entrance. If the door is held open for them, they don't believe it's open. I'm sure glad I had faith.




You can read about the kingdom all your life without ever getting in the kingdom. You can be in the kingdom all your life without ever reading a thing.



The first holy ones have been waiting a long time and they'll continue to wait. Then we can all go together.



A good strong light in your house will keep out the darkness.



Some have it and some don’t, but those that don’t have no clue what it is that some have.



A Wiseman knows that a fool lacks wisdom by the things he doesn’t understand.



Changing homes will seem like the blink the of an eye.



If you knew how easy it was to get in the Kingdom, you would listen more carefully next time.



A rock can be a heavy burden for those who carry it until they put it down and let the rock carry them.



One cannot search for wisdom and understanding. It is given to the wise who understand.



A mind is only good when it’s the Lord’s.



To have a spirit in this age means that you won’t need one in the next.



Jesus is the doorkeeper to the Kingdom of Heaven but he only opens it for the friends he knows.



A long famine of the spoken word of God has recently come to an end and no one has even noticed.



There will be no peace until the last man has died.



Those who think they’re going to heaven live in the dark. Those who live in the light know heaven.


There are two gospels of Jesus Christ, one for man’s ears and the other for his chosen people.



Having Jesus as a friend is like having another person living inside you.



This age served one purpose and religion has nothing to do with it.



Finding God in religion is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s best to find the needle before you get lost in religion.



If you knew the kingdom was near you, you would only see the man who told you it was near.



From inside here, it sure looks like hell out there.



Listening is man's door to understanding. Speaking is the door Satan uses. (Let the reader understand.)



Somehow, somewhere, and someplace is the Kingdom of God and I'm sure he'll tell you when it's near.



There's more to life than meets the eye. That's why you can't see it.



The gospel is like a tornado, it cleans out everything you wanted to hang on to.



A friend in need will listen to a friend who has everything but he only has love to give him.



If salvation is what you desire, then you're not interested in the one who gives it.



A blind man that can't see can still hear the light.



The survivors of this age will not be seen because the world thought they were dead.



Someone who listens to the truth will stop lying when the truth speaks through him.



Speaking God's word alone in a room that's pitch black is the least amount of evil on earth.



If you see the truth in this world then you and God are one.



What you can't see are things that will go on forever after the things you can see disappear forever.



The spirit doesn't answer to a name because he knows us by heart.



Most people don't see the one wheat plant in a wheat field that turned to weeds.



Why would you want to go to a church you can't see?



Eternal life isn't for everyone you see, it's for everyone you can't see.



A man who invites you to eternal life should never be avoided. What if he's telling you the truth?



Every Christian I've ever met seems to think believing in Jesus is more important than obeying his Word and having a clean heart for him to live in.



It's not over till your house is spotless and the groom is living with the bride.



If God isn't around to see you repent from your sin, it's possible you might cheat and do it again and again and again and again.

The spirit is understanding of all things but the understanding can't be seen unless the man it lives in can write. Otherwise you have to settle for the spoken word you can't see either.



The spirit doesn't need a name because no one can see him anyway. People forget there are two spirits using the same names.



The spirit won't tell you if he's God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit because the spirit doesn't believe in the triune god.



One lie is all it takes for the spirit to know it's not from him.



God doesn't make religious people, they made themselves just fine.



Sometimes the truth can hurt but a few lies will comfort you.



If you want to hear the voice of truth, you have to stop listening to your lying thoughts.



It takes two for eternal life but one will have eternal death.



If you can't find faith in God, then it wasn't faith you were looking for. You were looking for God and he's not there.



The only thing required of man for eternal life is the thing he understands the least about.



You won't understand faith until God has been working in your life. Then you still won't understand faith.




It doesn't have to be dark because you think it's dark. It could very well be the light that you can't see.



To know the spirit means you know nothing. Everything you know will come from him.



To learn the ways of the Lord takes wisdom until you have his understanding to learn from.



The game of finding the truth is the hardest game to play. It's always best to watch the game being played and learn that it can't be won. Then you can try sell it to a buyer who may be the truth.



To speak for God, one must stop speaking for the world.



God can't love you if you love your word of god better.



Truth divides the love of men.



Most thoughts will never leave this earth but some thoughts will go on forever.



To get a sinner to listen to the Word of God is like feeding pigeons and trying to get one of them to sit in your lap and eat seed from your lips.



Look to the left then look to the right, then look to the left again before you cross the street. That's why you'll never know the truth. You won't listen to his command to run across the street without looking.



Life depends on giving up a dead body to live in.



There will be a day in the near future when life escapes the dead for a while.



Some of us were born to live forever after we die forever.

A wiseman doesn't know he's wise until he gets the understanding of where he got the wisdom in the first place.



A sinner that's saved is deceived.



One sign that you missed the kingdom boat is when the man in the lifesaving raft is no longer around.



If you believe Jesus is coming in the last days, you were right. But I'm sure you wouldn't know it if he did.



The ocean is like the spirit of God. It's filled with fearful scuba divers in full rubber suits and two tanks of air strapped to them. There are some naked people in it who can breath under water that are trying to convince the fearful scuba divers that they can do the same before their air runs out.



A mind is very powerful by the one who thinks with it instead of his own brain.



There is one northpole and one southpole. Most are northpoles and a few are southpoles.



When he makes you believe your right hand is your left hand, then you don't know the truth.



A fool who teaches the wiseman the way to life is a man of religion.



A long time ago when there was no time, a six day creation occurred to give us time. Then time will be taken away.



The eyes of the blind will see all the lies that the deaf can't hear. Welcome to religion.



If you can find the truth and listen to it, one day you will know the truth who will make you into the truth as long as you obey the one who is the truth.


Most people hear the things they want to hear and that's why they they see the things that God didn't want them to hear.



My friends and I will provide everyone thoughts of truth. It will be nice without the beast around.



All thoughts of men in the "666" club will end up in the total "000" meltdown.



Most of them will find excuses without themselves to blame for all the things they did without any shame.



The fear they need as they fear the end won't be around to accept their fear.



I wonder how a liar would do if he lived in the new earth where only the truth is spoken and tried to convince everyone that he's a liar.










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