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Within this forum are a few topics which talk about what a Jedi is. And yet none of them properly define the Jedi in a way that passes any understanding what-so-ever. Instead we are left with notions that Jedi are simply nice people. So if you are a nice person you can be a Jedi too. Or that Jedi are just a new age group which grabs whatever they feel like from other religions and that makes them Jedi and somehow a religion as well. Yet these are not definitions of the Jedi, individually or as a whole.

Lets put together a more official definition of the Jedi. Something that might be seen in a dictionary or at least

Jedi - Noun - Definition 1: An individual living by the philosophical ideologies of Jedi Way: namely following a way of life as directed by the Jedi Code (I personally would use Jedi Circle, but people seem not to like the fact it wasn't created for or by the fiction).
Definition 2: An individual following and living the lifestyle of the Jedi Path.

Now the second definition means we must define the Jedi Path in a more accurate way as well. Though honestly it does not differ too much from the first definition offered. However for the sake of argument we should present all possible definitions in hopes of removing any confusion and misleading information.

Jedi Path - noun.
Definition 1 - The philosophical ideology as presented in the Star Wars Entertainment in direct relation to the knightly order of Jedi.
Example - The Jedi Code acts as a moral guideline for a Jedi on the Jedi Path.
Definition 2 - A specific ideology in direct relation to the philosophical ideals of the fictional Jedi Knights. And expounded upon by the Jedi Circle.
Example - Joshua like the ideals of the Jedi Path, but does not consider himself a Jedi.
Definition 3 - The overall ideals and ethics that the Jedi learn, practice, and live by.
Example - Alex lives his life in accordance to the Jedi Circle; which he feels means he follows the Jedi Path daily.
- As listed on the Jedi Academy Online website.

Now we can look at these definitions and actually begin to get a clear idea of what it means to be a Jedi. Obviously there are key elements missing. Such as what does a Jedi do? What do they believe? Stance on life after death? Do they have specific requirements?

However we have to take into account the state of the Jedi as a whole. Beyond the basic definitions given above we cannot really get into much more detail without adding disclaimers of what other Jedi Groups, Sites, "Orders" may do instead. This is where people feel the can say things like, "being a Jedi is a subjective thing." That is fallacy, much to the dismay of many, I am sure. What is subjective is certain beliefs that go beyond logical reasoning and scientific fact. Such as what happens when you die. And thus way the Jedi lifestyle can be followed by various religions, because the Jedi do not seek to resolve issues of absolution, sin, and death.

The Jedi focus on living life within a certain way, which we feel brings a betterment to ourselves and the world around us. It is a lifestyle based upon the ideals contained within Star Wars, not Star Wars itself. Ideals such as peace over anger, objectivity over bias, knowledge over ignorance, and so on. Obviously each of these have their own lessons and explanations. However the idea here is to give a basic definition and understanding of the Jedi - not educate everyone on how to be a Jedi. Which I feel we have accomplished. So I shall stop my rambling. Be well everyone and happy holidays.

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