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9 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2009 - 11:09AM #1
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I have been studying Witchcraft for years. I have just started actively being a Witch this year. I'm pretty eclectic in my belief system. I am drawn to Celtic Wicca. But I also feel a strong pull from the Hindu Goddess Shakti. She is my Goddess of the Universe. I believe the Creator of the universe has to be female. Because we possess the power of creation. I became disillusioned with Christianity because it is so male centered. I feel walked on and rejected. With Wicca I feel embraced. Like I matter.

I hate this patriarcal society we live in. I feel a matriarcal society would be better. My husband and I debate that all the time! I'm dissatisfied with the Bible and how it looks down on women. We are not second class citizens! We are not the cause of all the worlds ills.

If we consider the Christian view, we are the product of the Creator. We are exactly what "He" made us to be. "He" being omniscient, knew how we would turn out. Yet "He" made us anyway. Why should we have to apologise about our humanity and human nature? We are what we are. Flesh and blood mortals with flaws. Why should we strive for perfection? I don't mean wallow in our iniquity. But we should embrace our humanity and stop apologising for being human.

What do you think?

Thus, ends my rant for the day!


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9 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2009 - 11:12AM #2
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Sorry, spelled Christianity wrong. spelling goes downhill when I rant!


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9 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2009 - 12:55PM #3
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Well since you asked what others think, I am going to respond here from and limited to the perspective that I have today after more than twenty years as a Dianic Witch. Non-Wiccan Dianic that is, from a background of a women-only, Feminine-Divine-only religion. Our mileage will differ as that is how it should but hopefully something in the following may be useful to you where you are on your wisdom walk as a Witch. 

Personifying the Divine or Source or Creator as either feminine or masculine or both may be seen as a choice. Within the vast religious tapestry woven by human beings throughout history, faiths understandably have had to make that choice somewhere close to conception. From that choice evolves the structure of a faith. Within the intimate forging of a relationship with the Divine, an individual also makes this choice. None of these choices - feminine only, masculine only or feminine/masculine in polarity/duality or even non-personification of the Divine with a human gender - are 'the only way' or 'the true choice' or even intrinsically better or more valid than the others. It is what human beings individually chose to do or chose not to do after with such a choice that define the value of any such definition. Religions are never faceless entities or monolithic structures that can be encapsulated in a single noun. Religions are living networks of individuals constantly creating consensus by making choices (new, different, same) from moment to moment. For those of us who for whatever reason may be viewing a religion from outside its spiritual paradigm, we don't interact with 'that' religion. Rather it is our individual intersection with another individual from within that faith - what we experienced, felt, remember interacting with him or her - that shapes how we feel about that religion. That sometimes limits our ability to see that faith as a living network of many individuals that will not always agree with one another. Or our ability to apprehend the vast and rich diversity that those individuals constantly make within any religion. The above applies IME as much to Christianity or Judaism, Hinduism etc as it does to Wicca, Pagan Witchcraft (religious) Trads (like Dianicism) or even to individual 'religions' where our interaction with its only practitioner provide us an unique experience of that evolving faith.

Each of us apprehend the Creator or Source or Divine from within the choices that we have made. Those choices constantly shape and filter our perceptions. They define or limit or determine the questions we ask deep in our hearts, the 'face' we see in the intimacy of our relationship with the Divine, the crisis's of faith that we may endure and even what answers along the way will resonate for us. If you do consider the Christian view and also study the vast accumulation of historical records over the last two thousand years, I at least have found many of the asked questions, the recorded crisis's and articulated answers do embody and reflect to the experience of being human. Not in its entirety, its depths and heights or plumbing all possibilities, no single faith can ever do that. Yet within those layers of literalism, theology, doctrine and scripture that have shaped and sometimes twisted the living enactment of Christianity by individuals can still be found the resonance of many individuals whose choices were and are responsible for conceiving or evolving or enacting or passing this faith down. Again, I could write the same about Wicca or Pagan Witchcraft or Feminist Spirituality albeit that the much thinner historical accumulations will only lead one back to the early 20th century where those 'thealogies' thread back into the overall tapestry of human spiritual and political history through borrowings, streams of transmission and adaptations.

Now all of this long-sentenced feedback so far may feel esoteric so let me pass along to you some of the questions that you might consider that I have debated along my path. The answers that eventually resonated for me may not be your answers but hopefully the questions will at least be relevant to 'why' you wrote. These are in no particular order below.

For any tradition to be considered as Wiccan, does not the God need to be represented as well as the Goddess?

Does not Shakti exist also in males, even if it is unmanifested and potential or seen as Shiva, who is transcendant?

Is not Shakti in some Hindu traditions also considered to be Prakriti, the active feminine energy of Purusha who is Vishnu whose female counterpart is Lakshmi?

Is not Shakti also considered by some to be the one in which all forms of divinity, female or male, are Her manifestations?

Are not males just as much children of Her as are females?

Has not Christianity as it has evolved been impregnated with the feminine as sacred?

Does not a 'patriarchal' society victimise males, albeit just in different ways than females?

If perfection neither evolves nor adapts, can it ever exist for more than a second? And if so, how can one ever attain perfection unless one also ceases to evolve or adapt?

If a 'patriarchal' society is when males rule females by force, why would a 'matriarchal' society where females rule males by force be any better?

What would a society in which both men and women bring their strengths into an evolving consensus look like?

If one is not part of a faith, does one even have a place within that faith from which to be or feel rejected?

What is the difference between matriarchal, matrilineal and matrifocal?

Just curious. Have you ever read 'The Women's Bible'?

Hope something is useful in all that rambling,


No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 16, 2009 - 7:57PM #4
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I found alot to ponder in your post. Very well said.


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9 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2009 - 6:32PM #5
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I do not see how, with such anger and outrage as you express here, you can devote your life to any path.  It would seem to me that there are not enough hours in the day to fit the twin demands of your disagreements with Christianity and a commitment to the consecrated life of a new religion.  You truly cannot serve two masters.

That said, I have no particular disagreement with Christianity.  It is what it is, can be a beautiful religion that serves the spiritual needs of its adherents, and generally inoffensive.

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