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9 years ago  ::  Mar 26, 2009 - 8:54AM #1
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Hi all,

Picked this site up from the C2C debate board and thought it interesting enough to post here.

I read it over and it is fairly amazing.  Would God allow us to verify the Eden account before He sends His Son for the final act in human history.  I have always understood that carbon dating really isn't very reliable beyond 5,000 years so I'm not necessarily assured that the dating is correct, but obviously it is older than any other human built structures that we have today.  There is also the possibility that this could be the 'city' built by Cain, but it certainly sits in the right geographical spot to be 'proof' of some very early creation history.  When we consider that the typical lifespan was nearly 1,000 years there would be plenty of time to complete such work within one man's lifetime by a family raised from that one man.

Anyway, it's a very interesting account.  Now they propose that the site was buried by men at some point, but as a bible literalist I can see no reason that the site couldn't have been buried by God in the flood.  Surely if we give credence to the account of the flood as God has revealed it to us, that all the springs of the deep burst forth, then there would have been millions upon millions of tons of sedimentary dirt that would have settled as the waters receded.

God bless.

In Christ, Ted.

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