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9 years ago  ::  Mar 05, 2009 - 4:08PM #1
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1. CLARIFY:God is One-Spirit, Mind, Being, above all, around all, within all. God is Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, Joy.

2. IDENTIFY:Where I am, God is. My mind is one with Infinite Mind. I am an         
Individualization of the Spirit of God. I am alive with the Life of God, God in me, as me, is me.

3. UNIFY:In the Infinite Spirit, Mind, and Being, I am one with all people. What
is truly good for me harms no one, deprives no one, and is good for all concerned. The Law of Harmony is established in my consciousness governs the choices I make and the action I initiate.

4. SIMPLIFY: The Law of Mind (the way mind works) produces in my experience
that which take root, is established or embodied in my consciousness. What I expect to happen happens. What I think of myself as being, I am

5. SPECIFY: Statements of good desired. First-list the qualities you want to feel in the experience. Second-imagine the best, that can happen. Picture the form your good may take, knowing that Mind will produce this or better.

6. AMPLIFY: Feed the power of faith into your desired good. See yourself living in your demonstration. Let is become so real to you that all doubts vanish.

7. GLORIFY: Living Power is now flowing into the vital seed I have planted in the creative soil of the Mind. I rejoice in the fact that Infinite Wisdom is guiding me gradually in the unfoldment of my good. I let my appreciation of the great Laws of Mind and Harmony grow. I glorify in the Spirit, Life, and Mind of God around and within me.


I desire the right employment.

Out line of Treatment used covering the Seven Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

1. CLAIRFY All there Is Is God. All there Is Is Good.

2. IDENTIFY:  I am one with the Presence and Qualities of God. I am God in expression.

3. UNIFY: My highest good is revealed knowing it is for the highest good for all.

4. SIMPLIFY: A. My word is all-powerful.
             B.  What I expect to happens happens.

5. SPECIFY: I desire my right employment.

Qualities: Exciting, Fun, Harmonious, Perfect in every way.
Form: Compensation I am happy with, right location, room for advancement, pleasant surroundings, congenial coworkers.

6. AMPLIFY: I see myself in my perfect work—enjoying myself completely.

7. GLORIFY: Mind knows the position that wants me as I want it. And for this I am grateful. AND SO IT IS.

How will I feel when the demonstration is completed? JOYOUS, JUBILANT!!

Date Treatment began:
Date Demonstration was completed:
Dao Lotus Bear
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