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9 years ago  ::  Mar 01, 2009 - 8:38AM #1
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Visiting from the Anglican forums, I have a story I'd like to share with you. :)

I'm taking a class on early Christianity, and we were discussing magical practices in the ancient past as compared with now.

The professor, whom I'll call Dr. S, told us a story about when he was teaching a similar  class in a community college out West.

Apparently one of his students came up to him (I say student, but she was apparently a fair bit older than he,) and informed him that she was Wiccan and after taking his class, she considered Jesus to be one of her favorite Gods.

He liked that and they, of course, chatted for a while.

Another student came up to him a while later and informed him that she'd just purchased a property, but that she hadn't been informed that Satanic Objects had been buried in the front yard, and all the demonic forces were really giving her the creeps.

So Dr. S asked his priest, and the guy said, "Look, I'm Episcopalian.  We don't DO that." He then informed us that he didn't think even the Roman Catholic church would deal with that sort of stuff anymore.

Okay, so he went back to the creeped out student and said, "Why don't you go talk with this other student; I think she can help you."

So the other student said she thought she could do something.

A while later Dr. J talked to Ms. Wicca (Sorry, I'm not feeling terribly creative this morning.  You'll have to deal with the dorky nickname,) and asked if it had worked, and she replied that yes, it had.

So he asked, "Tell me, do you think it was your spells that helped her?"

Ms. Wicca just looked at him and said, "S, she believes the spirits are gone."

And then Dr. S smiled at us, and pulled out a book on Coptic Christian magic.

I just liked the interfaith workings out of the whole deal. 

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9 years ago  ::  Mar 01, 2009 - 10:30AM #2
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I appreciate you taking the time to share the story. It is good that there is a forum there for such dialogue.

Belief can indeed be strong enough to work regardless of inconsistencies or gaps of knowledge about those beliefs. Of course one's beliefs will also define what one considers to be inconsistencies or gaps. I for example hope that Ms. Wicca was making a joke when she defined Jesus as a god and as one of her (Wiccan) Gods. If not, it raises the question of what it is that she is defining being Wicca. I would expect that while as a Wiccan, she would just use specific magics within religious rituals, she as also a (Pagan) Witch made a choice of using or adapting more generic spellcraft to aid someone else because of that other person's beliefs in Satanic objects and demonic energies. As Dr. S. proved by his reaction, spellcraft and magic are certainly not copyrighted to any belief system after all.

The moral or meaning of the whole deal to me is that belief itself is what works for people. Or as Ms. Wicca aptly put it herself, if the other student believes the spirits were gone, that was all that was needed to resolve this issue.



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