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9 years ago  ::  Jan 28, 2009 - 2:59PM #1
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Wild Hunt Blog Article(Link)
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9 years ago  ::  Jan 28, 2009 - 5:57PM #2
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Reading the quote from her in the blog sums things up nicely.  Got all the classic phrases and code words in there.  Rather strains the credibility of her claims, and the claims of her followers, from a year or two ago, does it not?

Quoting Herself: I have come to see the serious failings of the Wiccan faith. A major problem with the faith is that there is no unity among the followers of the faith which makes it very challenging to define exactly what Wiccans do and do not believe in.

Cynically spoken, this means that there wasn't enough acceptance of her and her church, and that ridiculous outfit she wore around town, especially from the broader Wiccan community, many of whom thought she was a freak.

I think it safe to note that--every statement quoted there can as easily be read as a response to not getting enough acceptance and adulation after she first appeared on the national scene.  FCOW didn't impress me.  Kendra Hovey especially doesn't.  It didn't impress most, actually. 

Further, I am sure that if she opened a new church, that she did not feel that she could convert to an established denomination of the Religion of Christ, humble herself enough to give up the position and name she's made for herself, and so made one up.

BTW, It's fine to find your own way in Christ.  I know a number of families who have eschewed churches in favor of a more historical interpretation of the scriptures, and I respect their practices. have to make some steep trade offs to do that, and accept a lot of isolation.  ;)
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2009 - 2:55PM #3
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Vanillaangel wrote:

Wild Hunt Blog Article(Link)

Well, it just goes to show you that people will stop at nothing in their search for attention.  First she pranced around in a ridiculous costume, practically begging people to stare at her so she could yell at them about something.  NOW she's decided that no, the old way of making a spectacle of herself wasn't good enough anymore, so she needed to fall back on the time-tested "Jesus" model to attract followers.

It's too bad that many people's only exposure to "alternative" religions has to be from people like this, fringe types who like to play dress up and change their mind every year or so about whatever "truth" is supposed to be.

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9 years ago  ::  Feb 01, 2009 - 7:11PM #4
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Am I the only one who sees her as an attention hound?  She can be Wiccan, Christian, or follow Barney the Purple Dinosaur as her lord and savior and I still wouldn't care at all. And yet, she still tries to find her way on to my TV.  :rolleyes:
Dark Energy. It can be found in the observable Universe. Found in ratios of 75% more than any other substance. Dark Energy. It can be found in religious extremists, in cheerleaders. To come to the conclusion that Dark signifies mean and malevolent would define 75% of the Universe as an evil force. Alternatively, to think that some cheerleaders don't have razors in their snatch is to be foolishly unarmed.

-- Tori Amos
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9 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 3:58AM #5
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She's related to Ted Haggard, right? Apparently, neither one will go away quietly anytime soon.
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