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L. A. Theophilus
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The Message to Laodicea

Sons of Abraham
You are the bloodline of God - His firstborn. It is an honor and privilege to have been brought into this world as a member of the family of God. With honor and privilege comes duty: you who are so born have a duty to love God, your father, and those that are your neighbors. Who then are your neighbors? Is it your cousin that lives three blocks over, or is it your friend next door who breaks bread with you from time to time? Is it the one who befriended you in that time of need...or the one you comforted who lay hurt at your feet? Indeed, these are all your neighbors. But what of those nearby that bear you ill, the ones at enmity with you - those that were torn from Abraham’s bosom - are you duty bound to love them as well? Can love ever really be a duty? Love springs from the heart and soul; it is eternal. Love is always there, ever present. It is God’s touch upon your breast. It is your guide, if you but let it mark your path.

What of those blessed by grace (the adopted ones): they who have either been your friend, or your enemy, dependent upon the vagaries of time and purpose. Though you deny His kingship (the One conceived by the Holy Spirit) these adopted ones, those truly blessed, can never be your enemy, notwithstanding all vagaries, for the family of God is one...united by love. It is this bond of love that transcends all is this love which gives us hope, for you are ever the rose of Sharon, a lily among thorns. You are the dancing girl of Shulam - the woman that He loves, and your song echoes in the heart and soul of the family of God.

As a member of this family, I claim the right to speak to you of these things, to entreat you to consider this message given to Israel’s guardian angel:

The Message to Laodicea

“To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:
“This is the message from the Amen, the faithful and true witness, who is the origin of all that God has created. I know what you have done; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were either one or the other! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth! You say, ‘I am rich and well off; I have all I need.’ But you do not know how miserable and pitiful you are! You are poor, naked, and blind. I advise you, then, to buy gold from me, pure gold, in order to be rich. Buy also white clothing to dress yourself and cover up your shameful nakedness. Buy also some ointment to put on your eyes, so that you may see. I rebuke and punish all whom I love. Be in earnest, then, and turn from your sins. Listen! I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and eat with him, and he will eat with me. To those who win the victory I will give the right to sit beside me on my throne, just as I have been victorious and now sit by my Father on his throne.
“If you have ears, then, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches!”

Revelation 3:14-22

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