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9 years ago  ::  Aug 30, 2008 - 3:53PM #21
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I can remember 2 deaths; as a teenager I was with friends as we drove over a river with a full harvest moon shining down, reflected in the ripples on the river. I remembered that as being my last sight before I drowned. When I was a child I was terrified of water going up my nose out of proportion with the event. I was very buoyant--I could only swim on the top of the water and could float in my grandparents old claw legged bathtub. My father knew every swimming stroke there was, but he could barely float in the 13 foot diving pool. I didn't need to tread water in 6 feet; all I had to do then was tilt my head back to go into an immediate back float...but of course that was probably cell memory. The other death was much further back; there were a few round mud huts with grayish thatched roofs. I was trying to get to my daughter when the shining arrows went in my lower back as the men on horseback rode through.I don't know if those were copper or bronze arrows, but I have trouble with chronic pain in those areas now, Many of the people in that small  settlement are in my life today but are relationships Have changed. The daughter I was running to protect is my niece this time around and she is fiercely protective of me. My mother was my older sister, and my sister this time was my mother then. She's thought she was in charge of my life as much now as she did then.
My Grandmother died in June; she was 100 in February and didn't go into a nursing home until April. She had commented to me over the years that she couldn't understand why she was still here when so many younger people were dying.
  She was a light, a beacon, and besides all the years she had worked behind the scenes at the church, she was a gracious hostess, and did charity work clear into her 90's. I was with her when she was begging God to take her and when she was afraid that the reason she was still alive was because she wasn't good enough to get into Heaven. She and my mother had been doing things together for the last 20 years; MOther told her that if she couldn't get into Heaven, she'd join her and they would be together. (If Grandma couldn't get in, no one else in the family had a prayer of it!) I was very, very grateful that one of her favorite nurses took me aside and told me she was going to die that day. The day when Grandma was so afraid about getting into Heaven, she got an answer--she was at a wonderful party with all the people who had gone ahead. Everything was was more majestic and beautiful than anything on Earth could be, and she knew she was in Heaven. She wasn't too thrilled to wake up back in her room the next morning. Apparently this dream is common among people who are going to die within the next 2-3 days--that's why she had come in early to say good-bye to Grandma,
  She had done everything set out by Commie for positive karma.d
I think she lived as long as she did because of the influence she had on people--I've never known anyone who didn't love her after she met them, and she tried to do the best she could every day. I wish I could say the same about myself.
  Every now and then it seems like there's an instant kind of karma or reward, however it should be termed. I'm not talking about seeing the idiot who was speeding  and weaving in traffic you pass because they've been pulled over by the police--I just thank God for that sort of thing.
Mother and I were at a cheap store because I needed some sandles and Grandma wanted a cheap watch because she couldn't read the numbers on the wall clock any more. I had found the watch and was trying on a pair of slippers when an older woman came up to me in obvious distress. She was carrying the smallest bag of charcoal the store had--it was $5.She told me she didn't have electricity, but sh had food she needed to cook for her grandbabies. She had thought they would have a size she could afford, but she only had $3.21; all she asked me for was enough to make up the difference. I gave her a $5--I've often wished I had given her more, but I didn't have a lot of money myself. She was overjoyed and kept hugging and kissing me. The instant karma in this case--besides seeing how relieved and grateful she was--was a last minute impulse to buy a disposable camera to take with me because my niece was going to be visiting Grandma, too. My sister had a new digital camera that gave out after 3 pictures...and I had my last minute purchase and we have pictures of what turned out to be Grandma's very best day before she died. Whether it was my Spirit Advisor, an anagel, whatever--I still feel that if I hadn't helped that woman, I might not have thought of the camera. (If I hadn't helped her, my mother was going to because she had just gotten behind the woman and heard her story.) All I know is that I thank God we have those pictures.
  Sorry for getting off track here. I believe we come back to learn the lessons our souls need to master to move ahead to a higher level.  I think that when we reach a high enough level of evolvement, it will be our choice whether or not we go back to school or not. We can even take on being someone else's Spirit Guide for their lifetime and see and learn things with more senses than we have here.
  I only know this for certain--if I get ANY say in the matter--this is the last time around for me. I'm in chronic pain, I am having problems with my right foot---and my bad knee is the left one. We just discovered some golf-ball sized lumps on my throat on the left side from the throat to the end of my left chin. I hop it isn't thyroid because that is the only side that even has one. This year has been more horrible health and painwise than I can remember for a very long time...but I still fight to stay alive  for the people it would hurt if I let go. We all told Grandma it was okay to let go and go back to her party.  There was no big anything when she died--she let out a breath and just never took another one,
  I have memories of and apartment, complete with a slight musty smell from the gray wool carpet, a creaky elevator, transoms over the front door. I haven't ever been anywhere like it--the period seems to be late teens or early 20's. (I can remember things from as far back as a one year old--I remember being really ticked off when my eyes turned green instead of the blue I remembered...I was walking and climbing at 7 months)
  Right now I keep trying to make sure I help if I can, and wish I could remember more about my past lives than I do.
"You are letting your opinion be colored by facts again."
'When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."
these are both from my father.
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