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10 years ago  ::  May 31, 2008 - 10:36AM #1
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Hello folks, I'm interested in any opinions about the Lakotah Freedom Delegation's announcement of independence from the US.  I'm not that familiar with the Lakotah Freedom movement, and I'm open to any and all thoughts.

For some background info see:
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10 years ago  ::  Jun 04, 2008 - 6:26AM #2
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"I pledge allegiance
to the Republic
of Lakota
and my fellow savages
of whom it is made up
according to the white way
and I will defend against its enemies
domestic and foreign (even when they are the same)
and I will keep the commodity cheese
and the casino income
and be a good NDN
and not harass the non-NDN's
when they steal my religion
and make mascots out of my sacred symbols
and desecrate my ancestors bones
and rape the land
one nation
with peace
and justice
for those who can afford it.
And everybody else must be a warrior
and make their own peace
and justice

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