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10 years ago  ::  May 13, 2008 - 11:54AM #1
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Here are some of the people and places involved in the CIA's massive brainwash program from the 70's
   ( who be that fine figure telling us all about Christ, down there towards the bottom? ). Of course, the program has only gotten a lot larger now. The CIA is all over all the major universities, trying to steer us into how to think. Heck, even the current Secretary of State, a former CIA director, was President of Texas A&M(!) before taking Crumbs ( Er, I mean Rums)feld's place:

Some of the higher achievements of the new spirituality of William Thetford's Intelligence organization here:
  Opray  has been helping it along, doing a tremendous service to the new paradigm, by standing behind it all the way  and getting national exposure for it (!)  ( Thanks Opray, we salute you! )- so that......
MORE achievements of this magnitude can be accomplished by Christ:

                              ( "But it's all meaningless and an illusion" - signed,
                                                                                                                     The Folk Tieing the Ropes..)


But it isn't only this,
  No No!
     There's enough material here  for a MAJOR stand-up comedy act!

Take Paul Tuttle and  'Raj'. ( ROTFL! )
  Oh hooo, this is good!
Tuttle channels 'RAJ" ( aka: Jesus Christ ), and 'Christ' ( who is omniscient ) tells us that of aaaallll
the hundreds of thousands of great spiritual and philosophical teachings out here, that of them ALL, the greatest
and most important is ( of course! ), The Course in Miracles and the Urantia Book.

Urantia Book?
  Yes,. Urantia Book. Another product of the Intelligence  Community and associated with a mental patient in a mental hospital who was a product of "Mind Control" by same  said Intelligence community and associated with Findhorn, one of the early "New Age" communties/ cults, a product of BRITISH intelligence ( instead of the CIA ) this time, who ( Of Course! ) tells us that somehow the U.N. is something of the 'New Holistic Spirituality".
( Go U.N. Ra ra! ).  ( That would be the folk who will be in California this July,celebrating the burning of children in sacrifice, and having orgies with male gay porn stars, snorting lots of drugs, and making snuff films. ).
( Sounds like God at work to me! ) .
                                        Go to 'Findhorn' 's website - see for yourself!

Then we have another total fraud, Benjamin Creme - who claims to be 'channeling' the NEXT Christ all over the place.
This Christ ( Of course! ), is interested in politics.....and supports the U.N. ( that would be  the people performing ceremonies in California celebrating the burning of children in sacrifice, having orgies with gay porn stars, snorting tons of drugs and creating snuff films  ( Ie: our fearless leaders )

And this 'Raj" ( Christ ), tells us, of course, that Bin Laden and the merry men were behind 9/11 ( Just like the pentagon does ( Amazing! ) ), an Omnisient being who is apparently oblivious to the innumerable laws of physics which would have had to have been violated for that to have been pulled off the way  the Pentagon Presses 'inform' us ).



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10 years ago  ::  May 13, 2008 - 2:44PM #2
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Some time ago I had a private exchange with someone who inquired of me about the connection between A Course in Miracles and the CIA's MKULTRA Project from the 1950's. Prior to that I had not heard of the preposterous rumors regarding this connection, so I did some research in order to reply. Those who have an interest in this subject can read my reply which I posted as an entry on my blog back in June of 2007. To read that article go here:

Joe Jesseph
Beliefnet Host for A Course in Miracle
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10 years ago  ::  May 13, 2008 - 3:48PM #3
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I am said person you replied to Josseph.
   In response to my points, at the time, you used the ever-ready 'projection' out.
Since MKULTRA is involved in organized ritual abuse of children on massive scales, I tried to bring this out, and your answer was that I must be 'projecting'.
Implying I am a pedophile.
This really nothing more than the ad hominim logical fallacy, which you should have studied in school ( the full and unadulterated use of which,, is a favorite tool of the mass brainwash program (  and especially since the Course, is getting us away from the idea of  'reason' being useful anymore eh? So, it has some succes with those of us being duped ). Then you followed that up, with blocking anymore input, just like any good fundamentalist - a mild version of  "Burning the "witches" at the Stake". Same principle - just not physical.

Let us discuss the " False Memory Syndrome Foundation " for a moment.
  Anyone can look them up on the net. They are a team of psychologists, who work for the CIA, who are not actually kidnapping and torturing the kids themselves, but their job is to protect the Governents's MKULTRA program with smokescreens, by trying to dupe the public with a bunch of psychological  claptrap. One has even gone on record as promoting pedophilia in a magazine. This organization ( FMSF ), has infiltrated the American Psychological Association, so now they are actually 'in some authority'  ( boy is that a scary thot! ). Wiping out the legitamacy of memory, so as to try an discredit all these thousands and thousands of children's stories in courts and elsewhere, to 'muddy the waters'  as far as the public's perception of these matters are concerned. Basically the FMSF runs the "PR" for the CIA's black psychology MKULTRA program.
What is the 'Course' trying to get us to do?
                                                  "History is an illusion'"
                                                                  ( hell ,even thought! )

And brought to us by psychologists with ties to the same program.
  ( must be just coincidence! )


Let's discuss 'Ego' shall we Doc.
  Human Greed, and the thirst for POWER, is a part of 'Ego'. Yes? Ego-mania.

You just wrote a book. Yes?

Now, if we are in a serious search for Truth, ourselves. If we are actually interested in any 'Spiritual' matters, why....of all the umpteen thousands of great "spiritual' resources out here...
would we be so overly focused and more interested in writing a book, concerned with THIS one book ( Course ),
rather than spending our time actually digging to find out the Truth, cause we aree sincere seekers?
  The Course is all over.
It's been promoted all over for Umpteen years. Oprah even has TV promotions.

  We have a Market!

And our motive?


Not Truth.

So, since Greed and thirst for


is part of the EGO world,

BEFORE you start in with any of your little puerile childish insults about how this person is guilty of 'ego projection' and is a 'pedophile' and any of the other wonderful games to come up with to 'defend' a position ( in the name of 'Love;" and 'Forgiveness' of course ).
Let us discuss.

How big is Your Mansion, Joe?
  How bout some of the $, the GVT has paid you-all to promote this?
Since day one?

First off. Let's discuss the:

  Size of your Mansion.
That's if you don't pull the act of violence, again - and couragiously have me disbarred from this place ( so you don't have to face anything )

"Living in Dee NILE"

T        The Way of the Course!  ( And Christ )
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